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Sony Pictures and Pakistan Taliban May Have Similarities.

In war it makes sense to initiate a surprise attack, choose soft targets that are unprepared for the attack and can result in measured success to advance your aims.  North Korea did just that when it hacked Sony Pictures.  But … Continue reading

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The Alleged Hypocrisy Of The New York Federal Reserve Exposed.

This American Life served up a rather shocking view, September 26, 2014, showing us an  inside view of the inner workings of  the New York Federal Reserve that appears to reveal how some administrators exhibit weakness and seem warm to … Continue reading

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Mythology vs Science

How does one evaluate the truthfulness, the correctness of a philosophical view? Let me propose to you that science, because it is based on a rigorous investigation using empirical methods that actually attempt to answer questions without bias is the correct method. Continue reading

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One Problem With Iran Is Leadership Philosophy.

The Arab nations suffer from a philosophy that binds religion and politics. Continue reading

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The United States Is Not A Democracy. It Is An Economic Oligarchy.

A research was published in 2014 that concludes that the United States is being run by an economic elite.  And you thought it was a democracy. Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens by Martin Gilens … Continue reading

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