Suggestions for Reforming State College and Universities.

Suggestions for Reforming State College and Universities.

Exit interviews should be required for every staff member that leaves a college or university for any reason. The Sovereign power of the state, the people, owns the company, the college and university. The Sovereign power has final decision making for performance issues. It makes sense to require this check for performance.

All exit interviews should be made public. The people of the state own the college and university. One could equate the people’s interests in their institutions much like that of being the owners of the business. It follows that the people have full right to examine why every individual exits their business.

It should be required that any lawsuit brought against a state college and university can NOT allow requirements that the parties that settle out of court be required to not disclose the terms of the agreement by which the parties settled. Far too many lawsuits transpire against state colleges and universities where the facts in the case might cast unflattering performance or corruption against the institution management. Managers are in position to order state attorneys to settle cases that might otherwise reveal behavior that the people of the state needs to know.

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