Chemerinsky might be rehired.

Chemerinsky might be rehired.

September 16, 2007

I finally got to read the Saturday LA Times, a day late, Septermber 16, 2007. It was reported on page one that UCU was “… reportedly working on deal to rehire Chemerinsky”. This is obviously good news for those who value a better life, a better environment, for southern California. The report goes on to reveal that the conservatives allegedly did indeed lead the movement against Chemerinsky and allegedly, more specifically, Republican political figures in California politics. Well I guess the chancellor was hammered by the right and he failed to gauge all the concerns of the electorate, a tactical error. The left and central political elements of Orange County and California, just might wield more influence upon the situation than anyone expected, including me. It would seem that the Irvine campus chancellor, if the LA Times is correct, realizes that he made a mistake, once it was the turn of the electorate to way into the conflict. I do think the news media had a significant influence upon the issue. Both the LA Times and NPR stations seem to show a lot of concern and put this issue right in the face of the electorate.

It takes a big person to admit to such a significant error in judgment. The Irvine chancellor should be commended for realizing his mistake and reversing his decision. Too bad the Republican politicians put the chancellor into this compromising position.

I do hope this turns out well for the Irvine campus, that Chemerinsky accepts being the dean of the new law school.

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