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President Obama vs Netanyahu The Fourth Week Of May 2011

May 24th, I listen to NPR program, interview show, where political authorities commented on the wonderful performance of Prime Minister of Israel’s very good address to Congress and then comparing this performance to President Obama’s speech a few days earlier.  … Continue reading

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Poposal For A Palestinian And Israel Solution

Israel will not allow Palestine to achieve sovereign power status – ever.  The reason is that an independent Palestine country would then be “allowed’ to wage unfettered war with Israel.  Both sides are intransigent in their view of the situation, … Continue reading

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Nena – Made In Germany

For me, German music just did not exist except my once a year visit to a very large German restaurant during Oktoberfest and listening to German bands perform beer hall music during that event.  Then one day, late May, 2001, … Continue reading

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Removal Piston Assembly From Pac Fab 2″ PVC Backwash Valve

Most home pool systems have a backwash valve that allows the owner to send pool water through the filter, typically diatomaceous earth, to rather quickly and cheaply clean the filter.  I encountered a major problem with our backwash valve.  I … Continue reading

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Dancing With Magazines and Newspapers.

It all started when I was offered a year’s subscription to the Wall Street Journal for one year, an introductory rate.  The cost seemed most reasonable, just over one hundred dollars.  I said yes but after one year the cost … Continue reading

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Problems with

I purchased a men’s cologn from  The actual shipper turned out to be some small apartment business run by an alleged student. The item shipped was a less than half size. I purchased a cell phone application.  I had … Continue reading

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Getting iPad to Sync With MacBook Pro

The secret for me to get my SplashId Desktop version 6.0.1 to synchronize with my iPad was to turn the firewall OFF! Do NOT attempt to syncronize using Bluetooth.  It will NOT work. Plug in the serial cable between the … Continue reading

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