President Obama vs Netanyahu The Fourth Week Of May 2011

President Obama vs Netanyahu The Fourth Week Of May 2011

May 24th, I listen to NPR program, interview show, where political authorities commented on the wonderful performance of Prime Minister of Israel’s very good address to Congress and then comparing this performance to President Obama’s speech a few days earlier.  Almost all the authorities seem to credit Netanyahu and detract Obama’s efforts.  Congress seemed to faun over Netanyahu.  My opinion was that Obama seemed to be talking to the audience of the world and not too convenient constituents.  He seemed to make proposals that would further the political process while the Netanyahu and the US Congress seemed to pander to conservative ideals which, if we look at history, cement rather than lubricate progress.

I for one, applaud President Obama for pressing for change, seeing the broader picture and working toward a better world outcome.  I fault Netanyahu for being old in his viewpoints and intransigent toward any political movement.  I fault the US Congress for being lap dogs to a man and country that wields so much power in this country.

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