Sand Box Fee

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Attempting to resolve the Republican, Libertarian and Democratic Party differences, I propose imposing a sandbox fee separate from the concept of taxes.

The sandbox theory can best be described like this.  Anyone who plays in the sandbox and gains from that play needs to pay a portion of their gains to the owners of the sandbox.   You can also think of this as the house cut or take from winnings.

The nation is a sovereign entity and we all own this country.  We all own the sand box.  We all play in the sand box.  The sand gets moved around as part of the play.  If you enjoy your time playing in the sand box and make something out of the sand, you need to share some of the sand profits with all of us.

I propose a rich person’s fee or wealth fee.  The more you profit over a certain amount, lets say one hundred thousand a year, you pay the rest of us in the form of better social programs such as  education, health care, social security, etc.  This money can ONLY go for programs that serve people directly to make their lives better. Military, fire, police, infrastructure, programs would not qualify.

Why Stop The Recovery?

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Now why would a political party not help YOU out but will help large corporations and the rich?  Let us look at  who they represent because they might not be representing YOU.  But they are representing a constituency.  Who could that be?

First let us expose some financial terms.

HNWI stands for “High Net Worth Individual” and one must have 1 million in net worth to meet this requirement.

Ultra-HNMI are those individuals that have a net worth of 30 million or more.

HNWI stands for a small select group of people across the world and especially the United States that have collected wealth to an astonishing degree.

How much wealth is this in total?
(Following figures are world wide totals)
33.4 trillion in 2005
37.2 trillion in 2006
40.7 trillion in 2007
32.8 trillion in 2008
39 trillion in 2009

How many HNWI’s are there in the United States?
2.9 million.  This is equal to 53.5% of the all the HNWIs in the world.

Using the US Debt, the US debt is around 14 trillion.  (This figure constantly changes.)

If we take 53.5% of the total world wealth which should equal the US ultra rich share, they poses 20 trillion or more than enough to totally pay off the whole national debt and have a pile of cash left over.

Why stop the recovery?  The rich typically have their wealth in the stock market while the middle class has their wealth in their homes.  The financial institutions got their recovery because of their institutional clout and incestuous relations with the federal government and the necessity to offer liquidity to the market place.   That action benefited the rich because the stock market recovered.  The federal actions thus serves the rich and powerful first.  The second installment never cleared the gate because YOUR power is diffuse and more importantly the rich and corporations do not want to fund YOUR recovery, thus adding to the deficit.  But, as you can see above, the rich can most easily pay for the deficit.  The Republican Party allegedly represents the rich and they do not want their rich constituents taxes raised.  The rich have allegedly taken control of the Republican Party and are using that party to game the system against YOU.

The Rich Are Getting Richer

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This is further proof that the rich are allegedly using the Republican Party to game the system. “Increasing inequality in the United States has long been attributed to unstoppable market forces. In fact, as Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson show, it is the direct result of congressional policies that have consciously — and sometimes inadvertently — skewed the playing field toward the rich.”

“… the financial rewards are increasingly concentrated among a tiny elite and whose risks are borne by an increasingly exposed and unprotected middle class.”

“Since the late 1970s, a number of important policy changes have tilted the economic playing field toward the rich. Congress has cut tax rates on high incomes repeatedly and has relaxed the tax treatment of capital gains and other investment income, resulting in windfall profits for the wealthiest Americans.”

The Republican Party’s “… is a shrewd and sensible part of a larger strategy to enrich corporations while gutting long-standing protections for the middle class.”

The article goes on to be even more explicit.  “…business and the wealthy have all but vanquished the middle class and have thus been able to dominate policy making for the better part of 40 years with little opposition.”

The location for this article is here:

How the Rich Get Rich – Another Republican Lie

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The Republican Party would have you and me think that hard work and talent gains you wealth.  The party is against those who gain from social programs because they do not think we deserve those rewards.  But look at the partial list of success factors:

•    Access to first-rate education
•    Training opportunities
•    Personality type
•    Physical attractiveness
•    Height
•    Athletic ability
•    Inheritance
•    Nepotism
•    Prejudice (and not just against race or gender)
•    Social and business connections
•    Knowing someone who is successful
•    Lobbying Congress
•    Business cycle trends
•    Fads
•    Inventions
•    Discoveries
•    Wars
•    Speculation
•    Gambling
•    Miserliness
•    Insider trading
•    Unfair market practices
•    And, last but not least, dumb luck.

Above list came from: