How the Rich Get Rich – Another Republican Lie

How the Rich Get Rich – Another Republican Lie

The Republican Party would have you and me think that hard work and talent gains you wealth.  The party is against those who gain from social programs because they do not think we deserve those rewards.  But look at the partial list of success factors:

•    Access to first-rate education
•    Training opportunities
•    Personality type
•    Physical attractiveness
•    Height
•    Athletic ability
•    Inheritance
•    Nepotism
•    Prejudice (and not just against race or gender)
•    Social and business connections
•    Knowing someone who is successful
•    Lobbying Congress
•    Business cycle trends
•    Fads
•    Inventions
•    Discoveries
•    Wars
•    Speculation
•    Gambling
•    Miserliness
•    Insider trading
•    Unfair market practices
•    And, last but not least, dumb luck.

Above list came from:

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