Sand Box Fee

Sand Box Fee

Attempting to resolve the Republican, Libertarian and Democratic Party differences, I propose imposing a sandbox fee separate from the concept of taxes.

The sandbox theory can best be described like this.  Anyone who plays in the sandbox and gains from that play needs to pay a portion of their gains to the owners of the sandbox.   You can also think of this as the house cut or take from winnings.

The nation is a sovereign entity and we all own this country.  We all own the sand box.  We all play in the sand box.  The sand gets moved around as part of the play.  If you enjoy your time playing in the sand box and make something out of the sand, you need to share some of the sand profits with all of us.

I propose a rich person’s fee or wealth fee.  The more you profit over a certain amount, lets say one hundred thousand a year, you pay the rest of us in the form of better social programs such as  education, health care, social security, etc.  This money can ONLY go for programs that serve people directly to make their lives better. Military, fire, police, infrastructure, programs would not qualify.

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