A Deeper View Into The World Of Donald Trump

A Deeper View Into The World Of Donald Trump

 Donald Trump allegedly associates with drug dealers:

“The Trump family has also gone into business with two convicted cocaine traffickers, one in Turkey and another in Philadelphia.”
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Donald Trump allegedly associates with organized crime figures:

“there are literally concrete connections between La Cosa Nostra and Trump’s lavish projects.”
To read more http://thefederalist.com/2015/07/28/how-close-was-donald-trump-to-the-mob/

Donald Trump allegedly participates in immigration violations:

“When he tore down the Bonwit Teller building to make way for the Trump Tower, he had about a dozen union house wreckers on the site and about 150 Polish workers, all of them illegally in the country, who he paid $4 to $5 an hour and who did not have hard hats.”

David Cay Johnston: 21 Questions for Trump on Kickbacks, Busting Unions, the Mob & Corporate Welfare


Choose from the following options.  In this way, you decide the fate of Donald Trump.

  1.  Completely qualified to be president.
  2.  A hypocrite and deceptive and not qualified to be president.
  3.  Not to be taken seriously, a buffoon.
  4.  Just a normal “Joe” like me, just a lot richer.
  5.  Compassionate, caring and intelligent; would make a terrific president.
  6.  Other (write your own description of the man) ________________________.


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