Cedar Works Birding Essentials™ Scoop n’ Funnel Review.

I love using my Cedar Works Scoop n’ Funnel for putting bird seed into my bird feeders.  Most feeders have a rather small opening at the top and his funnel fits perfectly.  I never use the scoop method but rather put my bird feeders on the ground and then put the funnel into the top.  I then carefully aim the bird seed bag contents into the funnel.  This funnel also has a slide valve to shut off the seed from flowing out of the funnel.  I seldom use the valve but every once and a while I overfill the funnel.  You only need to close the valve and then move the funnel back to the bird seed bag to dump the extra seed back in the source bag.

I have no idea where I purchased this funnel.  I have had it for years and love it.

October 2015, I decided to review this product and part of the review process was to check the Internet and see where I can be purchased.  It is hard to find.  The cost should be close to $5, well worth the cost.


I do recommend this funnel.



Bird feeder funnel.

Bird feeder funnel.

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