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“Supreme” Court Acts To Suppress Unions

The “Supreme” Court ruling that public unions can not require workers to pay union dues seems to be following the fascist play book. If we look at the fourteen point definition for determine what fascism is, we see that the … Continue reading

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The “Supreme” Court Allegedly Violated The US Declaration of Independence.

Supreme Court upholds President Trump’s travel ban against majority-Muslim countries There are a number of apparent errors in this decision. These errors will be listed: #1 The first problem with this decision is that the Supreme Court decision dips into … Continue reading

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Charter Spectrum Review

Charter Spectrum has our cable TV service for our city. I have no issues with any of the people who came to our house to troubleshoot issues. I do despise this utility for their corporate business plan for the following reasons: … Continue reading

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US Alleged Separation of Children From Parents

I would place in the personal record of every Border Patrol, ICE, and police officer who can not prove that he or she attempted in a meaningful way to track every child and parent that they were involved in separating a statement of reckless endangerment toward child. Continue reading

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Scrivener Will Not Allow You To Change Text Color

One day I was driven nuts because Scrivener, my favorite long format writing application, was typing red text.  I tried everything.  I went to text color and chose black but it simply would not take.  I went on the Internet, … Continue reading

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