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Trump and Putin Alleged Secret Control Connection.

I would really like someone find out how Putin, the United States allege puppet master, tells the puppet, President Trump, what do do and say. Where and how are are the control strings attached and used?
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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Retirement Letter.

Mattis’ letter, dated Dec. 20, to the president with highlighted portions that allegedly seem to conflict with an ignorant and stupid president and reads very much like a policy outline telling the president the correct course ahead Continue reading

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My Sincere Apologies

Score Card has not posted for over a month, November 17 to December 20, 2018. This was due to medical issues and family requirements. I am most sorry for being lax in my requirements to you. I hope to do … Continue reading

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United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Reflects American Values.

December 19, 2018, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruling in the case of Michael Thomas Flynn, shocked most of the United States by not rendering a quick decision to give Flynn no jail time. Why was there such a disconnect between … Continue reading

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