My Favorite Gardening Weed Pulling Tool Is A Crowbar

I am most willing to use just about any tool to get the job done.  Quite a few years ago I found that a hand held crowbar was near perfect for pulling up weeds.

Two tools are shown. The top tool is your typical weed tool. The bottom tool is a hand held crowbaar.
Top tool is a garden weed tool. The bottom tool is a hand held crowbar also called a wrecking bar.


A crowbar has a wide surface for getting up under a weed and a sharp tip for getting the tool under the weed.  A crowbar also has a longer shank for wedging under a good size weed and allowing you to lever the weed up out of the ground. by pressing down upon the bar.

The top tool in the image above, I almost never use.  It might be better used when a weed is very close to some other plant you do not want to disturb.  There are a lot of different crowbar sizes so choose carefully one that you think would work best for you.




Posted: June 16, 2019
Updated: June 17, 2019

Recommended Bed Sheets.

My daughter ordered a new twin bed mattress.   I had to get new bed sheets  because this new mattress has a much taller height, 13 inches.   I went to JC Penney and purchased their sheets that claimed to have contour bottom sheet but they had elastic corners only and failed to fit properly.  It would take me over 5 minutes to get the bottom sheet to fit.

My next purchase was Sleep Philosophy Copper Touch twin sheet which had elastic completely around the bottom sheet and the height was near perfect.

Sleep Philosophy COPPER TOUCH™ Copper-Infused Sheet Set “SHET20-1152”

My only concern was that the material was very thin.  The top sheet did wrap under the foot of the mattress OK but not as long as I would like.

I decided to buy Sit & Sleep Dreamfit sheets which I know were perfect because mom and dad use the sheets.    I tried to order them from Sit & Sleep but their web site failed me for about a week because their outrageous shipping charges, $1,329.35.  I called twice to their customer service to ask them to fix this problem but no improvement.  I just kept trying to order and finally one day, the total cost was less than $110 including tax and shipping.  The order took almost a week to arrive.  It was impossible to track the order, which now I consider a bit unprofessional.  But, I LOVE these sheets for how they are expected to feel and how easy they are to put on a bed.

Dreamfit Degree 4 Egyptian Cotton First Fit Sheet Ensemble

They have excellent construction, and fit perfectly.  The bottom sheet goes on quickly.  At each corner is a colored strap, called FIRSTFIT CORNER, that tells you which ends of the fitted sheet go toward the head and feet of the mattress.  On a twin bed these colored straps are not important so much but on more square mattresses this really helps.  The top sheet is perfect as it has good side dimensions and the foot dimension where the sheet goes under the mattress is shockingly long – really professional.

However, my daughter’s  “Egyptian” Cotton sheets feel way less smooth and soft than the ones that mom and dad have on their bed.  I checked the labels of my new daughter’s pillow case fabric tag and it said only “100% Cotton”.

Mom and dad’s pillow case tag says 70% Viscoss from bamboo, 30% cotton.  Very strange.  I guess I do not trust Dreamfit providing specified material just very good construction.

Spot Fake Egyptian Cotton Sheets –

Note that Dreamfit has their own web site:

If you decide to buy sheets, please be aware that the above links are for twin sheets.  Make sure you search for your correct mattress size.


Posted: June 16, 2019
Revised: June 24, 2019