Why President Joe Biden Should Run For Another Term

Why President Joe Biden Should Run For Another Term


Why President Joe Biden should run for another term:

  • Biden works for the betterment of all Americans.
  • He Is not a showman, like Trump.
  • He respects Democracy.
  • He performs for the best interests of all.  He is serious about his mission.
  • He is knowledgeable beyond the norm.  He understands the United States form of government and most of it’s intricacy’s. He knows how to work the political system.
  • He works hard and effectively with other politicians and foreign leaders.

A near perfect opposite comparison is about 20% of Americans watch Fox (Propaganda) News channel.  These citizens are being lied to at times by FOX. These people apparently favor showmanship over the truth.  They are easily hoodwinked.  Biden seems to fail this group of citizens because Biden really lacks the bull shit  factor, lacks showmanship, lacks telling lies and he makes his deliveries more like a college professor and not like a live stage actor.

What is really wrong are politicians who strut the stage, lie to achieve gain, are believed more than a more honest politician because of the stage presentation.  Citizens simply are rather stupid who fall for this stage act.

Biden’s attributes are somewhat hidden and less appreciated from the less sophisticated citizen.

During politically lighter times it might make sense for a political party to offer up a presidential candidate that does not have years of experience.  The Democratic Party right now seems to not have any solid and convincing person to take the presidential position.  So this is one more reason to stay with President Joe Biden.  Our world wide political environment today is somewhat harsh and challenging. 

Summary: Biden and the Democratic Party understand the importance and operation of Democracy and will work to protect this form of government because it is constructed to work for all Americans.  Republicans work for big business, the ultra wealthy, and will even use Fascist methods at times to achieve political gains.  Republicans realize they look to be corrupt by some citizens and this motivates some of them to make desperate and stupid political decisions on and off the stage.

Aside: Democrats have taken possession of the major portion of the positive political pie leaving the Republicans trying desperately to achieve political gains.

The Republican Party lacks real excellent leadership that will turn its objectives away from being agents for the plutocracy and work for ALL citizens and not the very rich.

The plutocracy class of citizens appear to be successful at making money and work just as hard to keep their wealth by any means.  This self centered attitude is a major flaw for good honest politics that works best for a well functioning Democracy.  An expanding plutocracy is a flaw for achieving a well functioning government that works for all citizens.  The flaw is these people fail to realize that the United States has driven down a rather rough road and improved it’s product for the vast population of citizens because they, the rather selfish  plutocracy, has not been allowed to take over the process.



Posted:   2-25-2023

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