About This Site

About This Site

Welcome to the McLarenBlog. The purpose if this site is to share knowledge on a varied list of topics. Please excuse this site for not targeting a more focused presentation. I (we) find it a lot more fun to share with you more than one or two viewpoints and cover a lot of different items. Look to the menu for a list of items to choose from.

Owner of this blog is married, father for two children. Self taught in electronics prior to high school. Then took classes in electronics at Riverside City College but did not finish. Junior college grades were so good he went on to a state university to study sociology. While going to a four year college he joined the US Naval Air Reserve. He received electronics training in Memphis Tennessee. He received an honorable discharge. He received a BA in sociology. Worked for a state university for just over 36 years taking care of a television studio, video and audio edit bays and audio production control room. Has a commercial FCC license and a ham radio license. Is an active city RACES member. Retired and then became a part time contract worker in the field of professional video and audio systems for a California state university for four more years. Now retired.

He sometimes play World Of Warcraft and have the following characters:
Realm is Tanaris (Normal):
Buffett is my favorite character right now (Alliance).


Janice Edwards, living in Seattle Washington, has agreed to offer reviews of some of her favorite spots. She is a frequent traveler to Disney World in Florida. I found her to be an authority on the subject of Disney World, a guru, for information on that vacation spot.

We have a scientific artist who offers some art work which is inserted into this blog from time to time and also will act as an editor for some posts.  She lives in Santa Barbara, California.

We also have a computer expert that advises me from time to time about issues that I can not handle.


Score Card is used as an anonymous writer.  The name came about when he found out a university student was arrested, stripped searched and put in jail for trying to do a story about how dirty the keyboards were in the library computer lab in California.  A faculty member and Score Card attempted to give this girl support during this event.  Score Card’s only contact with this black student was by phone and he had to come up with an anonymous name so the university, which was my employer, could not track me down.   He does like the name because he tends to look at life and rank participation of people and businesses much like filling in a score card.


We receive communications from all sorts of people. Many do not want their identity to be known. We received confidential e-mail all the time and you are encouraged to participate. We will make phone calls using *67 so that caller ID will not function when we perform investigations. When we make our calls to gain information, we will NOT publicize who we talked to. Our policy is to treat all communications as anonymous unless we receive specific permission, in writing, that we can place the name of an individual into a specific posting.


All header images were taken by the blog owner.  Most images are of Amsterdam, Germany, Alaska and Canada.  Camera was a Nikon.  Photoshop was used for primary cropping, image sharpening, and file size reduction for the web.


The owner of this blog copyrights all content  2019.
This page was last updated May 12, 2019.

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