Husky Tool Chest and Tool Cabinet Review

This is a type tool organizer that is found in garages to hold auto and home tools.  These are typically two separate units purchased separately and most often married into one push around tool organizing contraption.  A tool chest which typically has two hand holds on either end and can be carried around is placed upon a roll around cabinet that can be treated as a separate tool storage unit device.  The bottom cabinet typically has wheels allowing it to be moved around the garage at will.  Some cabinets come with a hand rail to more easily allow the cabinet to be grasped for movement.

Picture shows the top and bottom tool organizers.
Home Depot Display

Tool Chest Model: Husky 1000 937 536
26 inch 5 drawer.  Each drawer is held closed by some friction device until opened.  You can only open a drawer if the top lid is lifted.  The whole device can be locked with a key.
Heavy duty

Tool Cabinet Model: Husky 1000 937 540
5 drawer.  Each drawer is held closed until opened.  The whole device can be locked with a key.
2 fixed wheels and 2 rotating wheels with ball bearings for wheel pivot.  The two pivot wheels have locks so the cabinet will not slide around the garage.

Total cost for both units with liners was close to $300.
Liners cost extra.  3 thick liners each cost $12.97 = $38.91.  1 thin liner cost $6.97.

This is a “Limited Edition” which I was told by a sales person increases sales  but is nothing special other than the added logo.

This was a surprise birthday gift from my family.  I had been wanting to buy a tool organizer for years but just could not pull the trigger.  I had not yet done my typical Internet research to find out which brands were the best and which were the ones to stay away from.  When I first was given this gift I was torn.   I typically buy good to excellent quality and features which was taken away from me.   I was appreciative that I now had a tool organizer but was it any good?  I got the organizer late at night after a birthday dinner so I had the next day to go over to Home Depot, where the organizer was purchased and look it over.  It seemed smaller than what I think I needed but Internet reviews shared the view that this organizer was a reasonable size which is a good point.  Some tool organizers may require a crane to lift.  The Home Depot web site gave this organizer almost a perfect score (Home Depot owns Husky).  Some of the reviews seemed suspicious.  I got the impression that people with vested interests seemed to write some of the reviews.  Other reviews read more honest and also gave this organizer high score so I felt better about not starting an exchange for a different organizer.

My daughter and I opened the bottom cabinet and attached the wheels.  The wheels and mounting screws seemed impressive.  While I had the cabinet on its back and the wheels on, I oiled the two wheel pivot bearings.  We attached a handle bar that you can use to steer the device around.  There were no problems with this unit.  I did notice that each side of the cabinet end has its metal side ends sticking out a bit which is rather odd and looks cheap and stupid in my opinion.  A person could slide in an art board on any of the 3 sides with these metal wall hooks helping to keep the art board in place.

Cabinet walls have their ends bent out a bit to form a slight "J".
Cabinet bottom metal wall side end. Notice that the end of the metal plate is bent outward. This occurs top and bottom of each metal cabinet side.


By myself, I pulled the chest out of its box and put it upon the cabinet.  I noticed that the cabinet would rock.  The bottom was not level.  A front metal cabinet tab was incorrectly welded.

20150724_164633_resized (1)
Image is front bottom right corner. Notice the metal is not flush when welded. Notice the black pad I cut and placed upon the top of the cart just under the partial picture of the chest.

I then found that the whole left top side of the cabinet was bent inward.  I could not open the top lid.

Rear view showing rear left side bent inward at the top.


The box that the chest was pulled from was pristine.  This tells me that the chest was defective when it was placed into the box.  I suspect that quality control is non existent or incompetent.  For this reason, that I do not think Huffy has adequate quality control.   I recommend that you purchase from a local Home Depot store and not the Internet unless you like to perform heavy item returns.   We found our local Home Depot was terrific for handing this return.  The second unit was perfect out of the box so my only next concern was drawer liners.

The drawers do not come with liners.  Most tools are metal.  The drawers are painted metal.  If you like to see that perfect painted drawer surface scratched up, omit the liners.   Husky sells rolls of liner material but I did not like it because the liner material has holes, allowing bad stuff to collect on the top of the metal drawer.  I want a continuous solid liner surface.  Here are my choices:

Tool Chest Liner: Con-Tact Brand Grip Premium Liner, 18 in x 4 ft, non adhesive, black.  Kittrich Corporation.  This is a thinner liner than what I put into the tool cabinet.  I figured smaller lighter tools requires a thinner drawer liner and I thought was a bit cheaper, but not.  It is easier to cut to size.  I did not like this liner because it had a noticeable chemical smell.

20150725_103609-1_resized (1)
Con-Tact Grip Premium Liner, non adhesive, 18 in x 4 ft, black.

Tool Cabinet Liner: Step Guard, Utility Matting, 27 in x 72 in, black, Multy Home, LP, is actually a floor mat with ridges on one side and a flat surface on the other.  I put the ridge side facing up.  I found this at Home Depot part of the store where they sell rugs.  I put one liner on the top of the tool cabinet so the tool chest places on top would not scratch the surface.  I then put this liner in each of the cabinet drawers and some of the chest drawers.  This liner is more expensive than Con-Tac Brand but seems way more rugged.  I did find out that each Step Guard roll end was not cut at a right angle.  I used a framing square and using the blue tape, made sure the end was at a ninety degree angle before making any more measurements and cuts.

Multy Home, L.P., Step Guard, black, 27 in x 72 in.

I chose black liners so cutting it posed a problem for marking where my cuts should be.  My daughter came up with a terrific, near brilliant, solution.  She said to use the blue painters tape.  I used short pieces to mark where I needed to cut at each end of a liner and then used a long straight strip of tape and pressed it down so one edge of the tape was the cutting edge.  I then cut along the edge of the blue tape.  This worked perfectly.  I guess I should stop telling blond jokes (my daughter is blond).

Blue painters tape mark the drawer liner as to where the cuts are to be made.
A short single piece of tape marks at each end of the mat as to where the cuts should take place. Then a long piece of blue tape goes on top to mark where the scissors are to cut. The blue tape for me was the best method to mark my cuts.


The most difficult liner to cut is for the top of the chest. The two front corners need to have some liner cut out as well as two slits to allow the liner to slide past the two rear top lid supports that help the lid from slamming down. Then there are two small cuts on the back side of the liner to clear the drawer lock device. The lock device is two vertical metal bars running behind each drawer, which is activated by the top lid. When the top lid is down, each drawer is locked.


Summary:  Finally, the tool organizer seems to be functional. The price is very reasonable.  The drawer liner purchase, cutting and fitting was a bit of a drag but I felt necessary.  Why should a birthday gift come with added work?  As for the device, I am not impressed with Husky.  One might think that sticking Home Depot to deal with defective merchandise is inexcusable but Husky is owned by Home Depot so boom on them.  They, Husky/Home Depot, failed for a list of reasons:

  • The first chest front bottom left metal tab was a production mistake.
  • The first chest top left side of the chest being bent was a glaring alleged production mistake and should not have been offered for sale.
  • The prior two errors should have been spotted and the device should have never been shipped.  My point here is this points to an alleged quality control problem.
  • Sticking the customer with detecting the defect and making a store return is inexcusable.

Husky would not be my choice because they allegedly seem to lack product pride and integrity.   Once I received undamaged tool organizers and put liners into them, the whole system seemed to be functional.  The one main plus, as stated before, is price.  These organizers are inexpensive.


Small 19″ TV Set – Insignia NS-19E310NA15 (Product Review)

I wanted a small TV to set beside my computer in my office and quickly check news or sports easily and quickly.  My prior (CRT) TV would power up from a 12 volt power source so this was an important requirement.  In case of a disaster our family could pick up any surviving TV station signals in the area by connecting the TV to the car battery.  I also wanted this next TV to be connected to my laptop so I was looking for an RGB input connector.
For emergency command operations that must rely on battery power, this TV might be an asset.   This TV also allows viewing of photo images from USB port so if an incident commander is given photographs from a photographer, they can be viewed and zoomed in for better closeup inspections.  For ham radio operators that might need a second monitor connected to their laptop (APRS & Winlink).  This TV has that capability.

Manufacturer: Insignia
Model: NS-19E310NA15

19 inch screen, LED, 720P & 60 HZ
HDMI = 2
VGA = 1
USB = 1
Component = 1
Digital Audio Out (Coaxial) = 1
Headset Out = 1
Antenna/Cable = 1

TV Set Controls:
In case you can not find your remote control the settings can be changed by buttons along the top right.  I plan to label the location of each button with a label on the front bezel so I don’t have to look at the TV from the top.

Setup menu, for me, was quite good.

This screen is not high definition.  I am extremely demanding for good clarity and realistic flesh tones.  When using Time Warner cable box, the sharpness was OK but the human flesh tones looked pasty.
Blacks look deep and have scale.
Whites and contrast are a bit of a disappointment for me.  They looked like they were clipping.  I ran a diagnostic DVD and it confirmed that the whites easily clipped and lacked scale.  But, for casual viewing, most people would not notice nor care.
The image did not seem to change color or brightness much horizontally but it did change when your vertical angle changed.
Vertical = high = lightened up
Vertical = low = screen darkened.

Remote control features were very good and easy to navigate.  I especially liked the “Aspect” button.  The TV defaulted to “Auto” aspect but I wanted the image to fill the screen.  I just hit the “Aspect” button and the image would change size.
The channel search function worked perfectly for me. There have been reports that the tuner will not stay on a set channel, possibly if the antenna signal is interrupted.  (I did find this – look at “Outdoor Antenna” below)

A small item to note is that the remote does have “Insignia” name on the remote.  My Time Warner cable remote has no name and I have reached for the wrong remote a couple of times by mistake.

Sound lacks base but because there is audio output that can feed speakers.  I found the audio quite acceptable.  I got loud audio when I turned up the remote audio buttons.  I  also hooked up computer speakers to this TV set and the sound was very good.

Antenna signal:
Time Warner Cable = comes in as an analog NOT digital signal.  The TV set scan for channels actually found 2 analog stations, one good the other same but real noisy and bad.  The images looked like standard definition, OK but not good.  The images look a bit pasty.  I attribute this to Time Warner not providing a really good signal.
Outdoor Antenna = image looks way better than Time Warner Cable.  If the antenna is not getting a really good signal the image will go to still with or without breakup.  I would guess that a really good antenna is necessary.

HDMI Inputs: I seemed to get improved sound when using the HDMI inputs compared to the Time Warner cable box.  It seemed crisper and louder.  I hooked up a DVD Blue-Ray player so I would have another signal source that would be way better than the Time Warner cable box and the image looked quite good and crisp audio (Audio still lacking deep base).

USB Port:
As soon as I slipped a USB finger drive into the TV set, a screen menu showed “PHOTOS” and three options:
Browse Photos places you into seeing the folders on the memory card.  I had a folder labeled “Photos” for my test and it showed along with other folders in the drive.  When a photo is selected, you can even rotate it but only while viewing. It will not save the rotation.  When you go into slideshow, the image goes back to how it was shot.
Favorite Photos  Can’t figure this out yet.
Start Slide Show  The slide show will show each image you have in order as to how it resides in the folder.  If an image is not rotated correctly the browse function will not correct for this.  The slide show cycles only once and then goes back to displaying the folders and small image files.  I think this feature is rather useless.  I have looked to see if there is a setting to keep the slide show repeating but so far can not.
 Zoom is offered as a sub menu item .  Choices are Fill, 2X, 4X.
When the USB drive is inserted, You can get the TV to go to any other function by pressing INPUT button. If there is no USB drive inserted into that input, the whole screen goes black and shows “USB device was removed”.
The photo images seemed to be really good.  It seemed that the whites held more detail.  This tells me that the screen is more capable than the Time Warner Cable box.

Other Features:
Closed Caption On, Off, On when mute is turned on (clever).
Sleep Timer
I was able to control my Blue-Ray DVD player from the TV remote.  The manual indicates that the remote can control Time Warner devices.

The Bad:  I tried to play a DVD “Ride Along” using HDMI cable between a Blue-Ray player and the TV set.  I could not get the promotion videos to output audio.  The movie was OK but not the short intro videos.  I am suspicious that there is a audio format compatibility issue.

Summary: this TV does not give a high definition image nor is the audio real high quality.  It is surprisingly good in the kitchen, desktop or given to a child.   Its features are impressive.

Keep Web Site Login Information Ready and Secure.

I was drawn into helping a hair salon owner regain control of her web site.  She had lost control of a prior site because she handed over the whole process to a person and then had some falling out.  She was paying for the web site name registration and hosting fees but utterly failed to understand the importance of keeping the account information in her records.  She lost the prior web site name because she could not communicate with the domain registration and hosting company.  She had to start over and find another domain  name and register it.  I was called in to help her break into her second web site. She was about to lose control if it too.  Thankfully, the person who set up her second web site chose HostGator.  They are somewhat difficult to reach because the wait time on the phone to talk to someone can be quite long.  But, once you are on the phone with one of their technical support persons, they can provide all the necessary information you need.  My guess is, it took me less than ten minutes of technical support’s time on the phone to regain ownership of this women’s web site.  Their technical support person was perfect in their conduct of helping their client.

I have two points to make in writing this post. The first is I wish to commend HostGator for providing very good support for their host services and their support for WordPress software.  My second point is to tell you, the reader, that if you intend to start up a web site PLEASE follow the following suggestions listed below.

Record accurately the following information:

  • Domain name registration company name and web site address.
  • Domain name registration company billing information.  (This is very important to keep track of because it proves to the company that you own the web site domain name.  Do not delete the past two or more year’s e-mails from this company.)
  • Domain name registration company land line phone.
  • Domain name registration company login user name.
  • Domain name registration company login password.
  • Domain name registration company e-mail address if this has been activated.  (My sister has a web site registered domain name and she knows that the company includes, as part of their name registration package, an e-mail service.  She uses this web site domain name to get ONLY a personal e-mail account.  If you enter the domain name for her web site you will see this:

“Welcome to This domain was recently registered at The domain owner may currently be creating a great site for this domain. Please check back later!”

I was totally surprised that my sister had the knowledge to do this.  All her e-mail gets sent to her web site name except the web site does not exist, only the domain name and the cost is incredibly cheap.

I do not recommend GoDaddy for web site name registration because they are bloat, full of extra paid options that most people do not need.  Most important for me is when I did my research, they had a less than impressive reputation for caving in to any legal query into who owns a particular web site.   I use NameCheap to register my web sites.  Their prices seem cheaper than GoDaddy.  Their web site is less attractive and a bit clunky to use than GoDaddy.

Here is your second important list to write down some place secure:

  • Web site host company name and web site address.
  • Web site host company billing information. (This information is important to prove you own the web site.  Keep all e-mails from the host company.)
  • Web site host company billing land line phone number.
  • Web site host company C-Panel web site address.  (C-Panel is your host control panel in graphical user information (GUI) form and damned important for you to control).
  •  Web site host company C-Panel login user name. (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Web site host company C-Panel login password.  (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • There are a whole long list of further information that your web site host company should send you by e-mail such as exact server address, FTP information and other information that may be specific to your web site.  At the very least, know exactly how to gain access to your web site C-Panel.

After you have a web site name registered and then pay for hosting fees, typically for a year, you then have to decide what software to put up into your rented host computer hard drive.  If you are starting out, this being your first time putting up a web site, I strongly recommend that you consider WordPress.  I do not recommend that you host at WordPress but rather use a good host company and use their C-Panel to load the software.  There are other packages that you can install from your C-Panel but WordPress, for me is pretty easy to use and has a lot of features.  Take the time to research which software package might be the best fit for what your intentions are.  Once you do the installation of the web site software, you can easily remove that software if you do not like it and switch over to another.  You can even install two or more software systems into the same web site but in different sub directories.  I have done this.  I typically put WordPress into its own sub directory for text content.  I can do a web site redirect to anyone who goes to the root directory  which will result in them being sent to the WordPress sub directory.  WordPress can show photographs but if I think I need a more robust photo gallery I put up another software package into a different sub directory and provide a link to it from the WP.  The point I wish to make is when you install WordPress or any other software, they almost always include their own login.  Treat this login with respect and care and do not share this information with anyone you do not trust.  Write down the following information and keep it safe:

  • Software package login user name. (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Software package login password.  (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Software package information such as the sub directory it is located in.

Once you have installed your main web site software that makes your web site look the way it does to your customers you can then add optional software packages that augment and enhance the operation of the main software.  Each of these sub software installations may include their own logins.  Make darn sure you write this information down.

  • Sub package login user name.  (IMPORTANT)
  • Software package login password. (IMPORTANT)

You can some times add social networking links and these too need to be added to your web site document and recording.

You have a number of options for recording the above information.  I strongly suggest that, at the very least, you copy from e-mail sent to you by any company the vital information and then paste each item into some text document.  The reason for this is I have had to deal with some people who write down on a pad of paper some of this information and they totally fail to understand the importance of upper case, lower case, spaces, special characters, punctuation.  In other words they screw up the login process.  By doing the copy past method you remove the possibility for these humane errors will occur.

If you are a Macintosh computer user, consider using Keychain to hold this information because it is secure and comes with each computer you buy.

There are a lot of password safe software that you can buy.  I currently use MSecure but I am not totally happy with it.

Once you have devised a reliable, easy to call up document with all the above information:

  • DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE unless they have a damned good reason to know.  If you hire a web developer to create your web site, make darn sure you take charge of all the information listed above.

I mentioned before that I do like HostGator.  I do recommend them for beginners using WordPress.  What I do not like is that I can easily take over a web site if I get into the C-Panel.  I would start out with HostGator and if you wish to gain slightly better security a few years later, look around carefully for another good host company.  I am currently with LinkSky.  Their C-Panel will not allow you to easily gain control of the web site which is even more reason to document well all the login information associated with your web site.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Weeks after I wrote the above blog piece, The Wall Street Journal did an article entitled Thieves Steal Company Web Addresses.  The article does not take the same view that you need to keep safe your web site information but instead warns web site owners that there are criminals out there who can some times take your web site domain name away from you.


Fast And Easy Way To Present File Maker Pro Database Into WordPress.

I had a customer WordPress web site where I needed to share a File Maker Pro Advanced database.  I wanted the data to appear in the web site.  My Internet search sort of painted a rather dark picture in that I would have to deal with database migration tasks that I was unfamiliar.  Suddenly I found a solution that was quick and rather elegant.  Here are the steps:

  • Take FileMaker Pro database and go to File > Save/Send Records As > PDF.
  • Save the file where you can easily find it.
  • Open your web site and go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Do a search for “PDF Embedder” and install it.
  • While in your web site change to the menu Posts > Add New and make a new post where the database will be shown.  Add a good post header title.  Next put a short paragraph explaining the database into the text portion of the post.
  • After you make a new post, go near the top of the post page and click on “Add Media”.
  • Add Media will show on your computer and then upload the PDF file in your computer.
  • Once the media has completely uploaded into your web site host, then add that PDF to your web page.

Caution:  I could NOT get Safari web browser to display the database (PDF) content.

PDF Embedder has made this process work rather well.



Samsung Galaxy S5 Product Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

I have been greatly annoyed with my Samsung Galaxy S3 for not lasting a day’s worth of charge.  I finally realized I qualified for a phone upgrade recently and spent about two days doing research to find the best phone that would last, hopefully a whole day on a single battery charge.  My son tried to talk me into buying the HTC One M8 which he said was a better phone for the reason it lasts more than one day on a single charge.  My Internet research and looking at Consumer Reports seemed to point to the Samsung Galaxy S5 so I went into T Mobile and did the upgrade to that phone.  The results were very disappointing.  My opinion is that the Galaxy S5 has the same battery life as the Samsung Galaxy S3!  The S5 does have some nice new features but one of them is NOT better battery life.  If you are looking for a phone that can retain a decent charge for one full day, I do not recommend the Samsung Galaxy S5.  You might look closely at the HTC One M8.

Amsterdam – Bad Experience With Tuliplu Umbrella

I had  a slightly broken umbrella while in Amsterdam.  I purchased a Tuliplu Falconetti by Impliva to replace the damaged one.  This Tuliplu umbrella is sold all over Amsterdam and surrounding areas.  This umbrella lasted less than a day.  In my opinion, the construction is cheap and of poor design.  I do not recommend that you waste your money on this item.

Fantastic Nikon Single Lens Reflex Camera Magazine

I was utterly blown away with The Ultimate Nikon SLR Handbook 2014 “magazine” that I found at Barnes & Noble book store (April 2014).   It is published by Zino.  The stunning magazine images and graphics coupled with concise explanations, for me, simply works in a most astonishing way.  I could not believe that in one page of image and text that some complex photographic concepts could be simplified so nicely.  The Nikon SLR cameras are not all that simple to operate because they are full of features that help us tackle aspects of getting better images.  And on top of the camera complexity one should understand the science of light, the technology of lenses and camera operation of shutter speed, ISO, and a host of more factors.   All this is a bit more daunting for most of us to comprehend so finding a simplified explanation is most appreciated.  The more you understand the science behind the various factors that one needs plug into proper camera operation, so as to move away from the AUTO mode, the better but it can be a bit difficult to wrap you mind around the technology to achieve better results.  This magazine moves you forward toward using shutter or aperture priority shooting.  This magazine really speeds up our minds comprehending the science, the steps to operate your camera for better images, and tips on how to properly frame or compose your images.  The price is $29.99 but it is simply worth every penny.

Update: December 7, 2017, This magazine comes out periodically and each edition shows the year and volume number.  Because I reviewed only this single issue, I leave it up to you to put value to more recent volumes.

Keeping Nasal Passage Clear And Possibly Help You From Getting Sick.

Problem: Protection from air-born disease.

Solution:  I had to attend a one on one orientation prior to receiving chemotherapy at Kaiser.  I had to watch a computer slide show followed by a talk with a nurse who covered some check list items that she was tasked to present.  At the end of this somewhat intimate presentation she asked me if I had any questions.  I brought up the concern that my immune system was going to be compromised and was there anything I could do to protect myself.  She presented a really clever solution that I have accepted as part of getting ready after showering each morning.  She told me that when she fly’s in planes and because you are confined and in close proximity to people that might be carrying germs that she takes a very small amount of Neosporin Wound Care on a Q-Tip and swabs the inside of her nose.  I have tried this and I am convinced it works.  I do not apply this remedy only when I think I will come into contact with the general public but every day.   I am very concerned with putting a foreign product into my body as it might cause cancer or some other problem.  I have taken this product almost every day for two years and have not had any problem.  My method is to put a very small amount of Neosporin on to the Q-Tip and swab only the nose that protrudes and is visible beyond the face.

Results:  I have found that my nasal passages are incredibly clear all the time.  Nothing grows in the nasal airways.  The smell of Neosporin is not all that bad and lasts, it seems, for less than an hour.  I have not had a cold for over two years!  I am a mouth breather and not a nose breather and yet this procedure seems to help which is a bit of a mystery.  I think emergency first responders should consider performing this procedure if they suspect they will encounter any air-born suspended particle that may be dangerous. This application might also be considered for valley fever protection.

 Disclaimer:  Please consult with your doctor before taking any of these products.  Each person is different and probably reacts to products differently.  Each person has or may have existing medical condition that precludes taking one or more of these products.  When taking a new product, take it slow.  Take even smaller doses than I describe as you begin.  Keep a journal of what you eat including these ingredients and write down any symptoms.  If you notice any symptom that is not beneficial or concerns you, STOP taking the product!  You are responsible for your health.  Read labels.  Research label ingredients so you know how each may affect you.  Be careful.

Health Problem: Can Not Digest Meat Properly

Problem:  Unable to properly process meat.   This is often times a hereditary factor passed on from parents.  My mother almost died from bowel impaction.  History on my mother’s side shows diverticulitis is prevalent.

Solution:  I use three over the counter products to solve this problem.  Two products, Metamucil and wheat grass are mixed with banana, Greek yogurt, berries and fruit juice to create a smoothie each morning.  By the way, I use a Vitamix blender.  That blender is simply the best.  The prune juice is consumed before going to bed, only on days I eat meat.  I do have some pretty interesting dreams as a result of drinking the prune juice.

  • Unfiltered prune juice prior to going to bed (1/4 to 1/2 glass).
  • Metamucil, orange flavor, mixed in a smoothie (1 tsp to 1 tbsp).
  • Wheat grass mixed as part of a smoothie.  This will cause gas so use small amounts (1/2 tsp) when you begin using this ingredient.  This product is not all that easy to find.  I use Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder contains 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass”.  I purchase mine from GNC.  This product is readily available using the Internet.

 Disclaimer:  Please consult with your doctor before taking any of these products.  Each person is different and probably reacts to products differently.  Each person has or may have existing medical condition that precludes taking one or more of these products.  When taking a new product, take it slow.  Take even smaller doses than I describe as you begin.  Keep a journal of what you eat including these ingredients and write down any symptoms.  If you notice any symptom that is not beneficial or concerns you, STOP taking the product!  You are responsible for your health. Read labels.  Research label ingredients so you know how each may affect you.  Be careful.

Otter Box Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series Phone Case With Belt Clip Product Review

July 20, 2012 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 Defender Series Otter Box cell phone cover from the manufacturer.  Item No: 77-21086_A.  The price was $49.95 but when sales tax and shipping was totaled I paid $69.70.   The case came as 4 pieces.  I had to put the phone into a hard shell case which comprised a top and bottom piece.  Over this hard shell was a rubber cover that provided the soft landing protection.  The final piece was a belt clip.  The soft rubber outer case began to slowly expand out from the hard inner shell.  This expansion process was gradual but really got annoying after having the case around six months.  It was getting difficult to put the phone into the belt clip.  The rubber was too wide and would hit the top clip stopping the final hold.

The company does have a product warranty that is quite good but does require that you provide four separate images of the front, rear, damaged part and receipt.  Their replacement period is one year but I was told that they often times extend that time.

Summery:  I am somewhat neutral about this product for the model I purchased.  The company needs to improve the outer rubber part of the case so it does NOT expand over time.  This is really a significant problem for those people who use the belt clip  and may not be for those who do not.

  1.  When the case is new, it is pretty darn awesome.  I am annoyed with the outer rubber expanding and interfering with the belt clip over time.
  2. I just do not see any women buying the belt clip model.  My son loved the case for the first six months until the flap used to protect the power connection broke.  This also seemed to happen about six months after he purchased the unit.  He would slide the case into his pocket.  The outer rubber is resistant enough to keep the phone inside the pants pocket which is nice

TIP:  I am a ham radio operator.  I am very aware of the hazard to the humane body when you place any device that transmits radio waves close to the body, especially the head.  There are some reports of individuals getting brain cancer from cell phones and two way radios usage.  I found it quite easy to install black wrap into the belt clip using double stick tape.  This protective layer should help diminish the cell phone radiation from entering my body.