Score Card Political Platform

Vote for Score Card Party if you agree with his agenda list.  Here is what the Score Card party stands for:

  • Take rapid corrective action to stop current and future climate change.  This is our most important, pressing problem.  Our future existence depends upon resolving this most significant problem.  Delay in action is to our own ruin.
  • Find ways to even out our national education system so all students in this country get a high level education in all areas of the country.
  • Diminish the high cost of college.  Diminish the cost college loans or eliminate them.
  • Offer more junior college institutions in parts of the United States that seem to lack them.  There are some indications that some students that start junior college do not go on to a four year institution and fail to gain a degree.  Find and support efforts to remove this negative result.
  • Rebuild our decaying infrastructure.  All roads bridges, ports, canals, dams, airports, etc, must be maintained to a fully reliable level of safety and usability for all.  Each such infrastructure item must be renovated, as soon as possible, if any competent inspection finds any problem that diminishes the functionality and safety of that infrastructure item.
  • Raise the minimum wage to a level that ensures the individual is above the poverty line.
  • Institute equal pay and benefits for women to match men.
  • Re-build unions.  Do not allow any worker to be separated from union contract coverage and dues.  The collective needs is way more important than the individual.
  • Support collective bargaining (see above).
  • Break up big banks.
  • Establishing a single payer health care system.  The Kaiser system model should be considered.
  • Expanding social welfare programs of Social Security. Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs.
  • Fight income inequality.  Applying a more equal income tax on the rich should be added.  Shutting down tax dodges should be a part of this effort.  A wealth tax should also be considered.
  • Fight wealth concentration, see prior item.
  • Fight concentrated political power of the oligarchy.   Tax the wealthy more.
  • Stop the appointment of right wing judges who skew the representation of all collective citizen values toward the rewarding of the rich and powerful individuals and businesses.  Currently the US Supreme Court has become the US Supreme Plutocracy Court due to the appointment of right wing appointments.
  • Do not allow any outside donations to be made to any politician, party or political support group.
  • Tax organized religious institutions if they promote any political candidate or party.
  • Criminal justice reform.
  • Support free trade and trade agreements with other counties that are equally fair to all participants.  Any current trade partner that tries to apply unfair and unequal practices should be taken to task.
  • Take action toward any country, or business that tries to influence our elections.  To the extent that a country applies any influence upon the United States political process, the United States should retaliate in an equal measure but possibly using a different tactic.
  • Investigate the reasons for the increase in rent costs for families and businesses.
  • Help diminish and eventually eliminate homelessness.  Homelessness is a national indicator of this system process failure.  Homelessness must be eradicated to the satisfaction of the individuals who suffer this disparity.
  • Evaluate the need to obtain restricted access to rare earth minerals from foreign countries.  Take action to ensure that the United States of America and our allies have  future unrestricted access to all rare earth minerals.  The United Nations might have to take over administration of such geographical areas of the Earth for the betterment of all.
  • Revisit the 2008 recession and bring legal action against businesses and corporate leaders that participated in this event exasperated it and profited from it. This includes breaking up or closing down businesses that created and/or profited from it. Any monies that result from legal assessments will go to the individuals that were harmed.
  • Conduct a study to determine at what level the compensation of corporate stock holders is more in balance with the wages and benefits of the employees.
  • Examine how to make businesses offer long term benefits for all employees.  Employee owned business might be the solution and if this is implemented as a remedy, this process might be allowed a business tax reduction.
  • We need significant gun control.  For every person killed by a weapon, the manufacturer of that weapon, if so determined, should be forced to help pay to family survivors a restitution sum of money set by the state.
  • Help milk farmer families survive so they get a decent return on the sale of milk.  Setting a decent correct price for the sale of milk where the farmer gains a return that helps them significantly to stay in business.  Alternative options should be explored with the input from those milk farmers.
  • Equalize relations with Saudi Arabia.  Right now that county appears to have way too much influence upon the US government.
  • Eliminate special dispensations, lower penalties, for all government employees, their vehicles, tools and animals that give any lower level of prosecution in civil and government trials, when the alleged criminal act took place in every jurisdiction.  This includes all  local, state or federal laws.  Everyone is equal in the application of laws, no exceptions can be given, even for congress men, women and the president.
  • All commerce,  government and private transactions that use nature’s resources such as air, sun light, radio spectrum,  water shall not show any self serving favoritism or profit in restricting those resources.  Currently, net neutrality should be upheld.

Note:  The above platform is not final but will change.  The items in the list above do not reflect importance order.  Just because an item is listed first does not mean it is more important than an item listed later.  Consider all items to be important.  It is up to you to decide levels and whether they are acted upon.

Originally Published October 7, 2018
Latest Revision:   October 10, 2018, April 20, 2019.