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Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon

Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon

Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon is a nation wide chain of restaurants.

1222E. Irvine Blvd.
Tustin, California
Phone: 714-508-9280

We had dinner here May 10, 2007.

My wife and I shared a split. A split is where two or more people at the table cut up what they order and share pieces of their meal with other members of the party. This is a great way to not get stuck with a bad dish if one turns out to be inferior. It allows more variety and some times it does help in saving money as when one person orders an expensive dish while everyone else orders something more reasonably priced. My wife and I decided upon the prime rib and the Delmonico 11oz Rib-eye steak.

This restaurant is western motif all the way. If you like wood and corrugated roofing this place will make you feel at home. It can have a high noise level when all the tables are full; the hill billy Muzak does not help. It is a bit dark inside. It has a full bar and one can even eat at a few high tables in the bar area. We did this once on a busy day and cut our wait by quite a lot.

A strange silliness occurs once and a while. They call it the stomp. All of a sudden the hill billy Muzak stops and an unusual piece of music gets pipped into the dinning room. You know something is about to happen as all the servers rush out of doorways of the kitchen and begin to line up and try to evenly space themselves in the rows between tables. Some cow boy tune plays and all the staff do some simple Texas line dance in place while “singing”. This is quite annoying if at that exact time you are trying to come too or from the bathroom. If your sitting at your table and not prepared for this brief “show”, your in for a treat. The children will love it. You must stop all table conversation when this happens as the room gets really noisy.

While we waited for our meal rolls and salad arrive. The tomato wedge is to die for. They make the blue cheese dressing quite sweet but it tastes really, really good. The rolls are so light they practically float away and tasty to perfection.

Our main dishes arrive and of the two, the Delmonico has the most flavor. The prime rib crust had a strong pepper flavor. Claim Jumper crust is still my favorite. The meat was tough for both, a real disappointment. In summary, it is the side dishes that really rock. The baked sweet potato, you can have with brown sugar powder mix and it too is really, really sweet and yummy.

My recommendation is skip the steaks. Try the ribs. I had the ribs before and I think they might be better than Claim Jumper. Or, you can go to this restaurant and have the lattice wedge ($3.99) baked sweet potato ($2.99) and make sure you get those rolls (free) and you have a real cheap meal.


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