Why Heel Spur Fat Boy Tweets And Lies

Have you ever wondered why President Trump Tweets so much?  Let’s take a look at some examples and we might find out why.
  1. TWEET:  President Obama “is the worst president in U.S. history!”
  1. TWEET:  Bill Clinton “the WORST abuser of woman in U.S. political history”

FACT:  Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct by 4 women as reported by Wikipedia.

FACT:  President Trump is accused of abusing 24 women.  Source for this is Business Insider.  Thus, Trump is the more abuser of women.

  1. TWEET:  Ted Cruz “the worst liar”

According to Metro, Trump was averaging 6.5 lies a day and has just surpassed 3,000 lies.   So it is rather ironic that President Trump can claim anyone as being worse than himself at lying.

  1. TWEET:  Mitt Romney “one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics”

FACT  According to Foreign Policy:  Donald Trump Is Proving Too Stupid to Be President

Summary:  From the examples above, one can easily conclude that President Trump Tweets or lies to all the citizens of the United States and the world to gain some self benefit.  This boy has to attack other people to deflect anyone from realizing his own deficiencies.   Putting others down and hope you can elevate yourself in comparison is a rather childish endeavor.

Installing Kenwood 144/430 MHz Dual Bander, Model TM-D710A Into 2009 RAV4

I was given a Toyota 2009 RAV4 from my sister who can no longer drive.  I decided to install an old Kenwood radio that I had purchased years ago into that vehicle.  The Kenwood TM-D710A radio is a dual display radio because two channels can be received. MSRP for the TM-D710A when it was sold $600. I have this model. E-Ham Score for TM-D710A: Average rating: 4.2/5
TM-D710A is no longer made.

Current, in production, model is TM-D710 GA, ($530 to $580). It includes a GPS (Global Position System) unit.
It also has a E-Ham average rating of: 4.2/5
Listed cost about $600.

Some terms that will be used:

      • APRS =  Automatic Packet Reporting System
      • CERT = Community Emergency Response Team
      • RACES = Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

Radio capability:

• APRS Ready (I purchased a separate GPS unit for this radio) (I am using this) • APRS Weather Station ready
• KSS II+ (kenwood Skycommand II+)
• NMEA 0183 GPS I/O port
• Built-in 1200/9600 bps TNC (Packet) (Not using this) • Echolink Ready (Not using this)
• High RF Power Output (V/U: 50 watt)
• 1000 multifunction Memory Channels
• Dual Receive on same band (V+V, U+U)
• NOAA Weather Alert/RX (US Only)
• Voice Guidance & Storage option (VGS-1) This is installed.
• MCP Compatible with ARRL “TravelPlus”
• With “illegal” MARS / CAP Modification radio can transmit into FRS frequencies:

Cut one wire and remove one resistor is all that is required for this modification.  At first I did not have the guts to make this modification.  What changed my mind was when I shared this installation document to our local RACES group, a ham radio operator said he makes the MARS /CAP modification to all of his radios.  This modification results in the radio violating the FCC rules set for FRS (Family Radio Service) hand held radios.  BUT, in an emergency, all FCC rules are thrown out the window as they expect results for assisting aid, not compliance.


Diamond model NR770HNMO Average cost $60
E-Ham review score: Average rating: 3.4/5
2 meter and 440
No ground plane required
Gain: 3.0 on 2 meters and 5.5 db gain on 440. Connector: NMO

Antenna Mount:

Diamond Deluxe Luggage Rack Mount model K515SNMO. Cost: $70.
SMA connector attached to coax. SMA to PL-259 included. Installation was very easy. The mount allows the antenna to stay mounted but can be angled forward or backward and also side to side. This allows the owner to angle the antenna horizontally so the vehicle can enter a garage without removing the antenna. The antenna lead-in cable has a very small diameter. I used split wrap to protect the antenna cable for the portion of the cable exposed outside the car. I purchases a NMO protector cap.

I used Split Wrap and applied it to the antenna line coming from antenna mount and as it enters the car door.

Power Supply line Installation:

• Power line was routed directly from the car battery through the car fire wall and into the passenger compartment with 12 gauge wire. It took about 3 hours to make a hole through an existing rubber gasket on the passenger side using a small diameter Phillips head screwdriver. (see image below). Anderson Power Poles were soldered to the wire ends inside the car cabin.

• Connections had to be made at the battery and an in line fuse was included to protect this wiring. I used split wrap to protect some of the power lines within the engine.

The disadvantage of supplying constant power to the radio from the battery, is you could run the car battery down if you forget to turn the radio off. I set the APO (Automatic Power Off) to 60 minutes, just in case I forget to shut the radio off when I leave the vehicle for a long time. The APO resets it’s timer every time you make any change to one of the radio controls.

• The main radio was mounted on a plastic sheet. Under that sheet I placed the hook side of Velcro. This Velcro attached itself to the car carpet under the passenger seat with such force that I had to almost use crow bars to lift the radio so I could service it.

• A method was needed to mount the radio control head. A cup holder was decided upon because there was no impact into the car like glue or drilling.

I purchased the Lido LM-802 Heavy Duty Cup Holder Mount. Cost $45.

The Toyota 2009 RAV4 has 2 cup holders between the driver and passenger. This cup holder installation naturally takes up one of those cup holders. This car has rubber inserts that can be removed to make for larger drinks. I found that the radio mount needed those rubber inserts. Also, the mount expands or contracts to the size of the cup holder by turning the large knob just above the portion that slips into the cup holder. I had to really expand the mount so it would not mover around. Note that the mount, seen above, has 2 rings toward the bottom The one on top gives you more expansion and one below for smaller expansion. I had to use the smaller expansion portion.

There is also a large knob that compresses two opposing ball joints at both ends of the top portion. This allows you to angle both the cup holder and the radio head mount. I found that I had to try to keep the holder in a vertical angle as much as I could so it would be less prone to dip.

The radio head has dual display. Left side is completely separate for reception and transmission and so is the right side. I chose to have APRS  set for the right side of the control head.  When working properly the top right of the display are the words “BCON GPS” The GPS must flash on and off to tell the operator that the GPS receiver component for APRS is working properly.

I also had to drill some holes into the adapter plate that comes with the cup holder mount so the radio head plate could be bolted to the cup holder plate. (see next image below). The cup holder plate allows for slide removal of radio head.

The Kenwood mounting plate allows the radio head to also easily be removed because it has 2 sections. One section stays attached to the radio head and the other is part of the mounting plate. A simple press to release uncouples the two.  The Lido plate is bolted to the under side of the Kenwood plate.

• Audio Out Solutions

I found three solutions to providing audio out of the ham radio:

#1  The main radio has a single speaker that provides audio for both radio channels. But, because I put the main radio under the passenger seat, the audio favored the low frequencies.

#2  The automobile has an auxiliary audio input located in the console between the driver and passenger. The advantage for this method is the audio comes out toward the operator from the front of the car. The radio has 2 speaker outputs which were easy to wire into the Aux audio input. The left audio channel as seen in the radio display comes out of the left side car speakers. The right side of the radio display’s audio comes out of the right side of the car speakers. This audio has the best quality of the three solutions. I chose to put the APRS signal into the right channel and I turn that volume down because I do not want to hear the digital tones. In an emergency which includes CERT volunteers, I would shut off APRS on the right channel and switch to FRS. I like to keep the left channel for active RACES station traffic.

3. The third method was to mount 2 separate speakers to the driver’s seat headrest (see image below). The problem with this was the audio comes from behind the operator. When using APRS, the radio sends out tones which can not be turned off. The tones come out of both audio channels equally. Thus, those tones seem to come right behind the head of the operator. This audio solution takes some time to get used to it.

? Summary:

I swept the car antenna with a SWR meter and the results were near perfect for the whole 2 meter band. My meter, being very old, can not sweep 440.

The radio GPS (Global Positioning Unit) was a pain to keep working while I was setting up the radio. Every time I inputted a new list of frequencies stored in the radio, I lost GPS. I even had to do a radio factory reset. The number of menu items one needs to go through to make the GPS work, is over 15! Any one of those menu items being set incorrectly would take down the GPS. But, once I got the menu system set correctly, the unit worked perfectly.

I came to realize that putting this radio in this car really added to my capabilities for the city. Let me list the improvements that I can now provide:

  1.   My connectivity and capacity to communicate has drastically improved.  The range of this radio is 1 to 3 miles. The new car radio has 50 watts of RF power out when set to high power.
  2.   My exact location is available. With the radio APRS capability, I can easily be found on a map in real time using APRS Google Maps. I can also use APRS to find another operator that is transmitting their location using the radio control head. APRS shows direction and distance between stations in the control head display.

When you get another ham radio operator to show up on the APRS display, it shows a compass heading for that station.  If I press POS (Position) on the control head I see more information such as distance between me and the other station.  The compass shows the direction. It is this feature that allows a radio operator to find and get near another station that is sending out APRS position signals.

Anyone can do a Google search for APRS and a map will appear.  In the APRS image map, you can see APRS radios that have transmitted within the past hour within any zip code you specify.  You can change the station logo image. WX stands for weather station. I chose car for my Toyota RAV4.

  1. I now can respond at any time to a call out. Before, I shared a car with my daughter.
  2. My vehicle can carry support items. I now can take with me food, clothing, sleeping bag, tent, cooking devices. My car can be used to make supply runs.
  3. If I make MARS / CAP Modification to the radio, I can transmit into FRS frequencies. FRS radios are really handicapped by extremely low power and not being able to switch antennas. FRS radios have an awful range. But, if I were to open my radio up to MARS /CAP modification, then my radio would have way better receive capability and fantastic transmit power. Our job as RACES members is to support CERT volunteers and if the only communications they are using is FRS then we need to be capable of reaching them. It is illegal to transmit on FRS frequencies with this high powered radio unless there is an emergency.

APRS Web Site: http://www.aprs.org/aprs.html

MARS /CAP Modification Reference:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm-8vBU29pw




Posted 7/15/219

Google, Allegedly, Rather Stupid Sports Cell Phone Option

July 6, 2019:  Tomorrow I want to watch the final women’s soccer match with the Netherlands.  I did a search on my cell phone to find out when the game would start.  Google presented a new cell phone option called “Sports”.  I decided to give this desktop option a try.  After I installed it into my phone, an option appeared: “Who you’re following” and World Cup was right under that text at the top of the cell phone screen.   “World Cup” thus showed up as the most prominent option.  I chose that menu option but it only showed 2018 games only.  I think those games were men’s.    I could not find 2019 games.  I had to go into “News” menu item and scroll down to find The Washington Post story “Locked on and still hungry, U.S. soccer enters World Cup final aware of its legacy.”  I click on that option and the news article shows.  I sill can NOT find the rather impossible male chauvinist, obfuscated, rather incompetent path to find any information on WOMEN”S SOCCER”!  I gave up looking for women’s soccer.  I deleted the Google option form my cell phone.  I am looking for news not history.  Simply incredible.  Simply stupid!  Simply incompetent.

CNN Is NOT A News Channel?

It is Friday July 5, 2019 at 7:44 pm.  I tried to view some current news.  I chose  CNN  but found they offered no news but some idiotic non news show, The Eighties, Video Killed the Radio Star.  I had to change channels to BBS and MSNBC.  Why is it that a channel that pretends to be news is not that at all?  Does this mean that CNN is a half baked news channel or incompetent news channel?

This country needs to hear and see exploratory facts, accurate investigations, concise news coverage to help discover what the real facts are, and show the meaning to explain the significance of the discovered information.  News needs to expand upon accurate views and facts, and pursue those results toward educating the American public because the public needs to decide who and where they support or deny that support to make this nation strong, fair and honest.

CNN needs to rediscover their mission.

My Favorite Gardening Weed Pulling Tool Is A Crowbar

I am most willing to use just about any tool to get the job done.  Quite a few years ago I found that a hand held crowbar was near perfect for pulling up weeds.

Two tools are shown. The top tool is your typical weed tool. The bottom tool is a hand held crowbaar.
Top tool is a garden weed tool. The bottom tool is a hand held crowbar also called a wrecking bar.


A crowbar has a wide surface for getting up under a weed and a sharp tip for getting the tool under the weed.  A crowbar also has a longer shank for wedging under a good size weed and allowing you to lever the weed up out of the ground. by pressing down upon the bar.

The top tool in the image above, I almost never use.  It might be better used when a weed is very close to some other plant you do not want to disturb.  There are a lot of different crowbar sizes so choose carefully one that you think would work best for you.




Posted: June 16, 2019
Updated: June 17, 2019

Recommended Bed Sheets.

My daughter ordered a new twin bed mattress.   I had to get new bed sheets  because this new mattress has a much taller height, 13 inches.   I went to JC Penney and purchased their sheets that claimed to have contour bottom sheet but they had elastic corners only and failed to fit properly.  It would take me over 5 minutes to get the bottom sheet to fit.

My next purchase was Sleep Philosophy Copper Touch twin sheet which had elastic completely around the bottom sheet and the height was near perfect.

Sleep Philosophy COPPER TOUCH™ Copper-Infused Sheet Set “SHET20-1152”

My only concern was that the material was very thin.  The top sheet did wrap under the foot of the mattress OK but not as long as I would like.

I decided to buy Sit & Sleep Dreamfit sheets which I know were perfect because mom and dad use the sheets.    I tried to order them from Sit & Sleep but their web site failed me for about a week because their outrageous shipping charges, $1,329.35.  I called twice to their customer service to ask them to fix this problem but no improvement.  I just kept trying to order and finally one day, the total cost was less than $110 including tax and shipping.  The order took almost a week to arrive.  It was impossible to track the order, which now I consider a bit unprofessional.  But, I LOVE these sheets for how they are expected to feel and how easy they are to put on a bed.

Dreamfit Degree 4 Egyptian Cotton First Fit Sheet Ensemble

They have excellent construction, and fit perfectly.  The bottom sheet goes on quickly.  At each corner is a colored strap, called FIRSTFIT CORNER, that tells you which ends of the fitted sheet go toward the head and feet of the mattress.  On a twin bed these colored straps are not important so much but on more square mattresses this really helps.  The top sheet is perfect as it has good side dimensions and the foot dimension where the sheet goes under the mattress is shockingly long – really professional.

However, my daughter’s  “Egyptian” Cotton sheets feel way less smooth and soft than the ones that mom and dad have on their bed.  I checked the labels of my new daughter’s pillow case fabric tag and it said only “100% Cotton”.

Mom and dad’s pillow case tag says 70% Viscoss from bamboo, 30% cotton.  Very strange.  I guess I do not trust Dreamfit providing specified material just very good construction.

Spot Fake Egyptian Cotton Sheets – Exceptionalsheets.com

Note that Dreamfit has their own web site: https://dreamfit.com/sheets.html

If you decide to buy sheets, please be aware that the above links are for twin sheets.  Make sure you search for your correct mattress size.


Posted: June 16, 2019
Revised: June 24, 2019

Facebook Should Not Be In A Safe Harbor


Facebook is currently protected by a legal provision called “safe harbor”. The legal definition is that it gives legal protection from liability under specified conditions.

Safe harbor is necessary for such industries that provide the pipes through which data flows because their only purpose is to link two opposing points with information. They do not create the content, they provide the connections between the send and receive points. They should not be responsible for the content they move through their pipes, thus the safe harbor legal provision. The key point in this is these companies must not create any data content.

The phone company links homes and businesses with voice and computer signal data so does internet service providers. The phone company does not create the content; it just move it from place to place.

Visually think in you mind that this company as a pipe company. Pipe companies should not, normally, be sued for what passes through their pipes.

Facebook creates content and moves content. It does two things at the same time. It is similar to the phone company and also a news paper company. Yet, Facebook uses safe harbor as an excuse not to receive any legal claims against it for the content it creates from its “reporters”.  Facebook’s safe harbor arguments are utterly false and legally stupid at any simple level of common reason. Facebook does move content that they do not create thus hugging the safe harbor protection. But, they do create the content when it is put up to their web site platform. Their web site platform now can be thought of as a newspaper creating content. Private text messages between Facebook members would be a pipe movement but once a member puts up any display of a still image, movie, or pronouncement, then those individuals are Facebook “reporters”. Facebook becomes like a newspaper and the person putting up that type of information is acting like a reporter for a newspaper. In once sense, Facebook is a type of electronic newspaper because it is a vehicle of display, not a pipe.  In fact, Facebook “is a fully fledged news organization on a scale we have never seen”.


With that type of content, Facebook must act to supervise within a reasonable time to remove such content that offends, creates or transmits disinformation, is inflammatory, libelous, or could suffer legal actions against it. In other words, Facebook must not be protected with the provisions of safe harbor.

The United States currently has offered safe harbor protection for Facebook, allegedly for political reasons.   Some of the Facebook staff are Donald Trump supporters such as Peter Thiel a Facebook Inc. board member.



Posted May 31, 2019

Why Are Iranian Women Treated Unfairly In Iran?


I have spent hours trying to research why Iranian women are not treated as equals to men in their country. The only information I can find is that the Iranian society has always been male dominated. It has been this way and it must remain this way, is the idea I came away with. Just because something has been this way, in the past, does not make it intellectually correct and honorable now. I contend that the Iranian treatment of women has been criminal in the past and is still criminal and I expect it to remain a crime for the future.

Treating women with discrimination is only correct in the minds of ignorant male Iranians for their self serving ego reasons. It seems that this Iranian male problem, with their women, may stem from their insecurity that a women might attain being their equal or, heaven forbid, surpass the attainment of a man’s status.

I thus think Iranian men are afraid of their women, which nicely explains why they must keep them down and in their subordinate place with requirements that each women can not flourish to her potential.

I personally look down upon the ruler’s of Iran for not allowing Iranian women to attain the equality of a man. I look down upon a country that fails the tests of equality.



Posted May 21, 2019

Continuum Of Treason

Continuum is a mental realization, a mental tool, that we use as a means to realize natural and man made things we view in life. It is a really interesting intellectual way that we can visualize, in our minds, some opposite situations that are related. We are, in effect, placing a mental ruler of varying length between two opposite situations that we see, when those situations lend themselves to be measured together.

For a continuum to work there should be two opposite extremes but they are connected typically by degree. We typically “see” or realize the connection of the two extremes because they shout at us that they are opposite and connected in some way. But, there should be a factor of degree or how much of one side or the opposite side we are looking at and set a value on that point. The word I used is “degree” and that is vitally important to appreciate because it is a concept that will link the two opposite extremes. Typically there is more or less degree of something. There are an incredible number of continuum’s.

Let me offer some simple continuum examples followed by how each can be measured:

  • Light to Dark (Light meter)
  • Happiness to Sadness (Expressions on a person’s face)
  • Dry to Wet (Rain gauge)
  • Still air to Hurricane (Anemometer)
  • Short to Tall (Ruler)

The word “to”, in the above examples means that there can be a transition or movement from one extreme to the opposite extreme or one side to the opposite side. This transition can be short or long or any length. It is up to the person telling or writing where on the continuum scale we are concerned.

A really good continuum is one where the two opposite extremes are far apart because we are more likely to notice the differences. A really good example is the change of seasons. When this takes place in the northern hemisphere where the trees change color and plants go dormant the continuum process is very slow but unmistakable.

Some continuum’s lend themselves to be shown in graphic form.  When showing a continuum graphic, there are some common standards that some people use. Usually a line is used and the end points are labeled as to the minimum at one end and maximum at the other end. Typically the graphic continuum line is horizontal but for some measurements like height it is usually vertical. Let me show you a continuum line for treason (see below).

Accident        Collude        Coordinate         Conspire         Treason

In the Mueller Report there is a continuum that is revealed in the Introduction To Volume I. This continuum is explained as the degree that the Trump administration worked hand in hand with the Russians. At one end of the continuum is low criminal level called helping, which might be done by “accident”. Next serious might be helping Russia on purpose, called “collusion”, for some implied gain by one or both parties. The next, more serious degree is to “coordinate” with Russia. This third to last degree, coordinate, is considered illegal in the United States. The Mueller Report hones into two points on the continuum, collude and coordinate. For some reason collude is not illegal. Obviously coordinate is illegal because it implies BOTH parties are working together for a single purpose. But, I propose that coordinate might also mean that BOTH parties were working together but avoided detection.

Conspire, second to the last right side continuum point, is definitely a crime.  The Mueller Report failed to establish this activity took place by the Trump administration.

The last, far right, point on the continuum is treason and this is definitely illegal. It is a bit different in that it specifies that individuals actually work against the interests of the country.  The Mueller Report did not show examples of this continuum extreme by the Trump administration.

Let me state this again. In the Mueller continuum he talks about three out of the five main continuum measure points:  collude,  coordinate and conspire. The continuum begins with less formal and works toward more formal working together between Trump administration and Russia. Let’s read the definition of all five continuum points:

Accident: “an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause”. Obviously we have no concern for individuals in the Trump administration helping Russia by accident.  This is the low end of the continuum, non criminal.

Collude: “cooperate in a secret or unlawful way in order to deceive or gain an advantage over others”.  This sure sounds like we are getting close to criminal activity.

Coordinate: “negotiate with others in order to work together effectively” implying, in this case, that the Trump administration was working with Russia toward some nefarious end.  But, “”coordination” does not have a settled definition in federal criminal law”.  The Mueller Report states that coordination requires an agreement – tacit or expressed – between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference.  The Mueller Report failed to support the view that the Trump administration came to this level on the continuum.  (The Mueller Report goes on to state “That requires more than the two parties taking actions that were informed by or responsive to the other’s actions”.  I think this is a mistake in the report because it states “more than the two parties”.  Coordination typically implies two or more parties.  Two is enough to make coordination!)

Conspire:  To make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act.  The Mueller team used this threshold on the continuum to trigger a response that the Trump administration broke the law which they did not reach.

Treason: the action of betraying one’s country, the United States.  There are no reports that the Trump administration approached this level on the continuum.

One definition of treason uses the word “betray’ which has further meaning of “expose one’s country to danger by treacherously by giving information to an enemy.” Think of the number of times Donald Trump had private consultations with the ruler of Russia and no one was allowed to record what took place.

Looking at the above continuum points, I find it impossible not to categorize “collude” as a crime. But, collusion, itself, is not a specific federal crime. The dictionary definition comes close to saying that the Trump administration did commit a crime. The Trump administration did collude with the enemy of the Untied States, Russia, as outlined in the Mueller Report. Russia wants a weak United States and Putin viewed Trump as acting toward that end. Donald Trump received help in getting elected and possibly received more secret benefits from Russia. That should be illegal and a punishment should be handed out to those who participated in those acts..

References: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/07/12/what-is-collusion-215366

Posted: May 14, 2019


Cruise To Alaska and Canada Technology Problems

Cruise Line: Princess Cruises
Cruise Ship:
Island Princess
7 Day Alaska – Inside Passage
Cell Phone Service Provider:
Phone: LG-V30
Date: May 1 to May 8, 2019

I do recommend Princess Cruise 7 Day Alaska – Inside Passage.  This blog post only criticizes some external factors that were a surprise to me.

Our cruse ship does offer Internet service for a fee that I think is quite high.  We decided not to pay for that service.

I am a bit of a news and weather interested person.  At home, I check both news and weather frequently.  The trip to Alaska was wonderful in many ways except for receiving news back in the main states and weather around me and for my next destination.  Weather in Alaska can change quickly and it would be nice to plan how to dress for the day before leaving my cabin.

None of my cell phone weather applications would show up to date weather during our stay in Alaska and Canada.  No weather applications worked while in Vancouver Princess Cruises dock, over 4 hours duration at dock.

None of my cell phone news applications would update and store more current news for most of the trip.  Even when arriving at Vancouver and docked better part of a day my news applications failed.

The Weather Underground application would fail to open and update way more frequently than Yahoo Weather even when back home where there is rock solid Internet.

For most of the trip, lousy e-mail into my cell phone. T-Mobile’s coverage map for Alaska and Canada is way less than the main part of the United States but it does show some coverage in places we traveled. Why then this failure?

For some reason, text messages did work at times.  At the end of the trip I traded texts with friends on board ship while in Vancouver.

Odd:  Starbucks cell phone application did work in Vancouver while weather applications failed.

In Vancouver, about a 15 minutes bus drive from boat dock to airport, I got weather application to work but frequent signal dropouts.

At Vancouver Airport Terminal. Weather applications did function.  But, not NEWS!

Our cruse ship TV failed to provide any weather channel. The only option we could find was to watch the BBC because they show the world weather as part of their news but it is a large over view lacking any detail. There was a channel dedicated to the ship’s course on a map including the current outdoor temperature only at the ship’s current location.

The AP News application updated very slowly.  I must keep the application open for AP to receive updates, it seems.  When in the air and no Internet, the full story text is missing.  This application sucks for later reading almost as bad as all the other news applications.  The New York Times would still not updating, a near total waste.

Weather Underground application started showing temperatures for locations but no expanded weather information.

The New York Times cell phone application fails to show last stories but shows white screen.  Once it updated with few days old stories and then removed them for much older stories.  Really weird and stupid.

At the end of our trip and at the Portland Oregon Airport, I was finally able to sync my Fitbit Ionic to my cell phone Fitbit application and then the Ionic now showed the correct time!!!  So for most of the trip, my Fitbit Ionic showed the incorrect time by one hour because we moved into another time zone. Why the Ionic fails to synchronize to the cell phone application time by Bluetooth is really stupid.

Portland Oregon Airport provided good cell phone connectivity.

Note:  The cruse ships are made of thick steel and as such are really shielded from cell tower signals.  The further inside you go into the ship the chance of receiving any cell phone signal is minute.   It is my guess that one may need to go outside those shield confines to increase your chance to get good phone service.  We did, at times, walk on outside decks but it was very, very, cold to do so.

Solution:  Because the weather in Alaska can change and my cell phone weather applications failed me and day trips are away from getting to needed change of clothing, I decided to take along a comfortable, rather small, back pack made by Eagle Creek (no longer made).  It has enough space for a rain jacket or pack able jacket and two side pouches for umbrellas and water bottles and a back pouch for snacks and first aid kit.

Summary: Once home I realized that not much had taken place in the United States for the week we were out of touch with the news. The ship did provide free TV in our rooms with a good selection of news channels. Problem is, I spend so little time in my cabin. I rather read the news in the dinning rooms. As for weather, absolutely no provided information from the ship and my cell phone.  My cell phone, T-Moblie service provider, really was quite awful in Alaska and even in larger cities of Canada, such as Vancouver. It was not until I got into Washington and Oregon that it provided good service.


Posted May 11, 2019