Quality Information Sources Revealing Reasons Not To Vote For Donald Trump.

Quality Information Sources Revealing Reasons Not To Vote For Donald Trump.

WEBSITE:   American Civil Liberties Union

How Donald Trump’s Election Lies and Other Anti-Voter Policies Will Continue to Impact Our Democracy


BOOK:  The Top 300 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Donald Trump: (even if you are a lifelong Republican)  Amazon Paperback – September 29, 2020

by Greg Geisler (Author)


WEBSITE: Common Cause

Donald Trump Should be Disqualified



Why evangelical Christians should not vote for Trump



POSTED: 7/11/2024
Updated: 7/12/2024

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A Rather Long List Of Reasons Not To Vote For Trump

A Rather Long List Of Reasons Not To Vote For Trump

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The following list of reasons to not vote for Trump was pulled out of a single website article, listed next.

The full list of 100 reasons to vote NO on Trump

When I came across this website article, and I reasoned that I could not do any better.  So I picked out only some items that I felt had good reasons, valid and punch.

Please help protect the United States to remain a Democracy!   Vote Democratic.
Following is a long list of alleged reasons why Trump is unfit to be president:

  • A major league narcissist, probably a sociopath …”
  • Some “seeing him as a megalomaniac.”
  • “Some see him as delusional,…”
  • “ His position on health care reform is so vapid that it amounts to gibberish.”
  • “He is the definition of inconsistency.”
  • “ A loose cannon, who throws out outrageous positions.”
  • “Specializing in personal attacks, he insults and demeans.”
  • Trump “has a language deficit and a limited vocabulary. Some experts put his language at 6th grade level.  He specializes in incomplete sentences.”
  • “His combination of tax cuts and spending proposals would sharply increase the federal debt.”
  • “ His focus is always on doing whatever it takes to win, not on doing the right thing.”
  • “ He has disrespected multiple women in a coarse manner.”
  • “With disapproval ratings of nearly 70% of the overall electorate, he will a hard time being elected president.”
  • “He blurted in a debate that he would condone torture of terrorist suspects and the killing of their family members, both violations of international law.”
  • “Trump has trouble with math.”
  • “Trump called the North Atlanta Treaty Organization (NATO) “obsolete”.
  • “Trump uses mockery as a standard form of insult.”
  • “When he makes a big goof, he doesn’t correct it.”
  • “Some of his statements are so absurd…”
  • “ He wants to be unpredictable…”
  • “He is self-destructive.”
  • “His facts are so off as to be absurd.”
  • “He confuses reality and image…”
  • “Trump cheats at golf, big time.”
  • “His flip-flps on issues keeps growing in number.”
  • “Whether he fully intends it or not, his campaign brings out the dark side of the American electorate,…”
  • “He is sketchy on conservation and the environment.”
  • “He fear mongers on alleged American weaknesses and vulnerabilities and uses McCarthyism tactics to smear his opponents.”
  •  “Trump’s “attention span was so limited that it is impossible to discuss problems with him in any detail.”
  • “Trump is uncoachable.”
  • “Trump’s attention span is so short that it left him with “a stunning level of superficial knowledge and plain ignorance.”
  • ““I genuinely believe that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes, there is an excellent possibility that it will lead to the end of civilization.”
  • “None of the 45 economists who have advised the past eight presidents, Republican and Democrat, support Trump.” “… things could be worse. And I fear they would be under Mr. Trump.”
  • “Grossly under-prepared for the critical debate, he broke all the rules, interrupting and overriding his opponent and moderator repeatedly. His disorderly mind caused him to miss the point of questions. In short, he covers up for an undisciplined mind with bluster, repetition and theatrics.”
  • “He is oblivious to the truth”

(Keep your No-Trump reasons coming to me at this website or to jbt01@serigraph.com.)

The full list of 100 reasons to vote NO on Trump




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Sheer Curtains Are Not Understood As Their Impact Upon Airflow And Cooling Your House.

Sheer Curtains Are Not Understood As Their Impact Upon Airflow And Cooling Your House.

Our house uses sheer drapes to cover most of our windows which are mounted on runners that are mounted above the window and close to each window.  Some times they are used with another heavy fabric curtain which are mounted on runners on the insides of each window and seldom closed.  The heavy side drapes are visually pleasing to look at like putting a border on each side of each window and the sheer drapes fill in the middle.  My wife loves to close the thin inside sheer curtains to totally cover the windows, even during the summer.  Here is the problem this creates.  Sheer drapes lets quite a lot of light through but blocks airflow.  It is my belief that sheer drapes will impede air flow to the degree the sheer fabric is tightly or loosely made.  The proof is simple.  Any breeze flowing through a window that has sheer drapes will move out of the way.  If you want to cool your house at night pull all the drapes away from the window opening including the sheer.  My wife does not like to do that so my trick is to take the two ends of the left and right sheet and butt them together in the center.  When there is no wind flow then the sheer drapes close.  But if there is any outside airflow into the room, the two independent sheer drapes will separate because they have been MOVED apart at the middle of the window by the outside airflow.  The obvious down side to this method is when there is any breeze that moves the sheer drapes apart, people could see into that room.




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News Sources Evaluated. (This web page may be expand as new information is revealed to the blogger.)

News Sources Evaluated. (This web page may be expand as new information is revealed to the blogger.)

When I started researching news sources I was surprised to find a number of web sites that presented large page boxes showing where major sources fit within their box according to horizontal and vertical criteria – rather clever!  You can view some different website boxes next.




  • MSNBC. “MSNBC is a news and political commentary organization that has been the focus of several controversies. It has been accused by academics, media figures, political figures, and watchdog groups of having various biases in their news coverage as well as more general views of a liberal bias. Most of these controversies took place during the 2008–2015 era.” Wikipedia. MSNBC is Score Card’s favorite evening new show because it is dedicated to protecting Democracy and thus not supporting Donald Trump


The following list of podcasts does NOT come from any independent source but from this blogger, Score Card.  There are so many podcasts that it is hard to make recommendations based on independent reviews.



    “Fox News has been characterized as a propaganda outlet. Its coverage has included biased reporting in favor of the Republican Party, its politicians, and conservative causes, while portraying the Democratic Party in a negative light.  Critics have argued that the channel is damaging to the integrity of news overall.[“. Wikipedia

    “The company is the second-largest television station operator in the United States by number of stations.”
    “The company has been criticized by journalists and media analysts for requiring its stations to broadcast packaged video segments and its news anchors to read prepared scripts that contain pro-Trump editorial content, including warnings about purported “fake news” in mainstream media, while Trump has tweeted support for watching Sinclair over CNN and NBC.”

Truth Social has been described as an alt-tech[4][5][6] social media platform. Such platforms are popular among the alt-rightfar-right, and others who espouse extremism or fringe theories, often because they employ less stringent content moderation than mainstream platforms.”

Review by FORBES John Brandon, Senior Contributor. “I Finally Tested Donald Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ App And Here’s What I Discovered:  it’s essentially Twitter for conservatives, my one big surprise is that it appears to be an app designed to promote a future Trump campaign.”



Knight Foundation study


Are news organizations biased such that they promote an outcome that their customers should buy into?  This study definitely proves that this IS the case!  This study seems to say that each individual who has a political bias then views each news sources as biased to follow their political group.

https://knightfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/KnightFoundation_AccuracyandBias_Report_FINAL.pdf (38 pages)

This study really covers how different groups of individuals who fall within a group of right vs left viewpoints believe each news organization is biased in a direction that their group believes..  And, gosh the differences are revealing!  Below is only one example of the study’s presentation.



This might help explain why the support for President Biden and Donald Trump is so close to being equal.  Truth fails to prevail because too many Americas fail to understand what the truth is and maybe fail to value truth.



POSTED JUNE 29, 2024
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Trump Is Not Qualified

Trump Is Not Qualified

I researched why Donald Trump might not be qualified to be the next president of the United States.  This blog article offers the reader some solid proof that Trump is not qualified.  There is quite a long list of web sites covering this issue.  I was first impressed with a USNEWS article, which I believe changed their original article.

Not Qualified to Be President

Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee but is not presidential material.

For some reason, the article may have changed from just being a list that I copied and used to a more politically safe article.  I then used the Bulwork article shown below to provide you, the reader, a list view.

100 Reasons Trump Is Unfit to Be President  A timeline of Trump outrages. 

Factual Reporting: HIGH
Country: USA
MBFC’s Country Freedom Rank: MOSTLY FREE
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: Medium Traffic


I decided to pick only items that I wished to include in this blog piece that I got from the USNEWS article.  They are shown/listed below.  I then added web site pages under each claim made against Trump that attempted to prove each claim.  And, let me tell you, for each listed item you can find a LOT of support for that viewpoint!



Our President Has Always Degraded Women — And We’ve Always Let Him

  • “Trump does not care how outrageous his statements or policy suggestions are because he is channeling the country’s anger, not their common sense.”

‘No Blame?’ ABC News finds 54 cases invoking ‘Trump’ in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults.

  • “insults he has thrown at his opponents and their families like a school yard bully. If you did this in the workplace you would be fired.”

The 598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

  • “He would be clueless when entering the Oval Office, who has spent zero time thinking about the substance of governing, who knows nothing about what he would confront his first day in office.”

Trump’s Clueless Abdication of Presidential Responsibility

  • “At the end of the day, this is the dumbing down of American politics.”

Donald Trump and the dumbing of America

  • “the debasement of our democracy”

Donald Trump’s Debasement of American Democracy

  • “the unraveling of not only the Republican Party but what we have, for over two centuries, called leadership.”

The Fall of Trump: Unraveling the Fabric of the Republican Party


  • Donald Trump is not qualified to be president

Donald Trump Should be Disqualified


  • “he has neither the knowledge nor the temperament to fill that office.”

Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president

  • “His views are dangerous, destructive and demeaning.”

Trump’s racist policies have been even worse than we feared

  • “There is no other way to put it: Donald Trump would be a disaster as president. There would be absolutely nothing “great” about his presidency.”

A 2nd Trump presidency would be a disaster for America. And it might not end there.


SUMMARY: “Donald Trump is not qualified to be president, he has neither the knowledge nor the temperament to fill that office. His views are dangerous, destructive and demeaning. There is no other way to put it: Donald Trump would be a disaster as president. There would be absolutely nothing “great” about his presidency.”





Posted: June 24, 2024
Updated: June 25, 2024
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Some Ideas For Keeping Your House Cool.

Some Ideas For Keeping Your House Cool.

I wish to share with you some ideas on how to help keep your house stay cool.  These ideas have come from years of trying different actions and techniques.

  • A real important factor that you should try to achieve is to cool your house the best way you can so as to deeply cool the house structure as possible.  Think of these factors:
    • Cool the core portion of your house for as long as possible.  The cooling concept here is time.  It takes a long time to get the behind the walls to cool down.  Once these areas are cool they then act as sources for cooling.  Reasoning behind this method is if it takes a long time to cool the inner walls of your house then those areas should still be cool the next day when the temperature rises.  Those inner walls should be a cooling source!  So, consider start cooling when the outside temperature drops below your current house temperature.  This may be very late afternoon or early evening.  I have a very good inside the house thermometer (NEST), which I can view on my cell phone.  I compare that temperature with a good reliable Internet service provider web site.  I like The Weather Channel as I have found it to be reliable for my location.  Just a suggestion, you might consider buying a good outside thermometer that is WiFi capable so you can double check what The Weather Channel shows.
    • CAUTION:  Do not think you know the outside and inside temperature by how it feels on your body. Use science by looking at a temperature gauge.
      • Open windows when it gets cooler outside than in your house.
      • Close windows when the outside air gets within one degree of the pending outside temperature rising.
    • If you use any kind of window dressing such as sheer curtains, be aware that they will impede the free flow of air.  I do not like sheer curtains covering any window that I might want to open when it is cool outside.  I typically slide the sheer curtains open and closed as I think best.  If y0u think you need to keep a sheer curtain in place to maintain privacy, consider placing one or two ends of the curtains in line with the window opening so that, if there is a breeze, the curtains will be blown out of the way with the breeze or wind.  You will loose privacy when this happens but the curtains flapping back and forth might meet your requirements for some privacy.
  • Please be aware that turning on lights in a room will add heat into that room.  Tungsten light bulbs typically generate more heat than florescent bulbs but florescent bulbs do add some heat, just less than tungsten.  Compact Florescent Lights (CFL) and LED bulbs emit way less heat.  LED bulbs are the coolest because they emit very little heat.  Reference: https://brennan-electric.com/the-pros-and-cons-of-led-lights/
  • Another option to consider is to install window awnings where sunlight can pass into a window typically from the south, east and west.  Sun light passing into a window will heat the inside of that room.  I do not yet have these installed but I hope to soon.  A small rather nifty advantage is that you might be able to keep a window open when it rains if it has an awning.  Awnings are reported to increase the value of a home some times.


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