Web Site Purpose.

The owner of this web site believes he lives in an absurd world.  He is utterly amazed that he was dropped here to temporarily witness this ongoing life action play we call life.  He figures that there was no reason for his being here, his existence, except that his mom and dad do what other animals do and procreate out of animal behavior, social norm, and any other reason you might think of.  Now that he has been dropped into this enormous play, he is constantly astonished with everything he sees, hears, smells, and touches around him.  This life he is leading is utterly astonishing.  It is at the same time absurd because there is no meaning to all this except to survive, appreciate the play, help others all the wile waiting for it all to end for him, his death.  The ultimate absurdity is that he is here, realizes he is here and knows it will all end to an extent that after death it all never took place.

The owner of this blog has learned a few life lessons while in the audience of this play.  The first is that each individual actor has come into this world play at different levels of intelligence, wealth, power and resulting guiding philosophy.  It pains him to see others that are less well off.  This blog is aimed toward helping others become better actors.  We each, in some varied way, can influence this play.  Let’s all try to make this life better for everyone.  He feels good when he helps other actors get through this life play with more comfort and enjoyment.

This blog will also try to defeat lies by seeking out the truth and telling the truth.

Revised: October 23, 2018