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Ring Account Problems

Ring Account Problems

It all started when I realized that I could not confirm that a Christmas gift was delivered to my home December 7, 2022.  I decided to look at my Ring cameras which I have 3 that cover the front of my home.  The Ring web site stated that the history of my cameras should provide at least 30 days history.  Our family had to delay celebrating Christmas because mom and dad came down with Covid on the 17th of December.  We decided to not celebrate until January 1, 2023.  I discovered that the cameras failed to go back from today’s date, December 30, 2022 to December 7, 2022.  I tried everything but I just could not go back and view the cameras for December 7.  I could only go back to December 12.

Ring showed that I had Protect Plus Plan paid active until January 9, 2023.

I then tried to use RING customer support but it appeared to me that the process was automated and I could NOT communicate with a live person.  I kept getting incompetent answers to my question for how I could go back further to view my camera histories.

I then went into my account and found that my credit card information was not up to date.  My prior credit card was hacked a few weeks ago and I tried to update all my accounts but failed to update RING.  I then tried to update my credit card but every time I did, and went back in to confirm that the change was made, it failed to show the new credit card.  The solution for me was to log out from the RING application and then log back in.  Then my account did show the new credit card was active and the old card was removed.

I really enjoyed RING devices up to now.



Posted:  12-30-2022