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Copy Stores Fail To See An Opportunity.

Any copy store like Staples has a brief window where they could offer to print the book at a really good price. This just might be a clever promotion to get customers into their stores, a loss leader.  Continue reading

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LG V30 Cell Phone Does Work With Fitbit Ionic

I did research and found some people claiming the Ionic would properly marry with my phone. It does have GPS capability. I found a good price in a local store and purchased it. I have found it to be pretty well marriage to my phone. Continue reading

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Wrong Polaris Debris & Leaf Bag Saved Me About $30

The correct bag would have cost about $45. The new bag, my daughter purchased cost only about $13.  In just under 2 hours I had created a modification to the pool sweep that saved me just over $30. Continue reading

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France Fire – A Question

Typically when there is such an important historical building being renovated, there should be a fire watch.  A fire watch is a person who walks around the work site, usually when normal work is completed for the day and most … Continue reading

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Why Brexit Is based on Ignorance

The British were sold the Brexit idea from the old guard, individuals that apparently may have self serving and flawed, skewed views of their country’s destiny. This rather ignorant idea started from politicians who have ideological beliefs rather than humanistic goals. Continue reading

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The Department of Injustice – Opinion

A number of recent Department of Justice incidents seems to paint this government agency as having a pro Republican bias and out of this propensity may lead the United States into being a dictatorship. Continue reading

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Toyota Auto Service Problem

So what is the purpose of the call center?  When you drive into the dealership, there are two dedicated traffic lanes.  One if for no appointment and the other is for appointments.  I always pick the appointment lane.   But, I figure there is utterly no difference in both lanes.  Continue reading

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Muller Report Is Complete – No New Indictments – Why? – Opinion

With all the individuals around President Trump have faced criminal charges being convicted, pleaded guilty, charged/indicted, totals to 34 individuals including foreign nationals.  With this presidency being considered the most corrupt.  How is it that Muller fails to bring indictments … Continue reading

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The World Happiness Report shows the US is dropping more every year.

In 2017 the US was ranked 14th.  In 2018 the US was ranked 18th.  The United States is ranked 19th in 2019.    The report even devotes a special chapter 5 to  The Sad State of Happiness in the United States …” One reported factor, in this decline for the USA, is  “Overall, activities related to smartphones and digital media are linked to less happiness, and those not involving technology are linked to more happiness.” Continue reading

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Impressions of the Cohen Testimony of February 27, 2019

Following are impressions of the Cohen hearing, listed not in order of importance:Impression 1: My overall impression was why were the February Tuesday and Thursday hearings secret? What does congress want to hide from the people? Continue reading

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