Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Let me state right out front that the owner of this blog and anyone who directly works to support its efforts does not care one bit who you are or anything about you for personal gain or any other reason.  We do not track you.

Let me tell you again, the web site owner does not track anyone.   Thus, we do not collect records about you. We have no need to store records that we do not have about you.  We do not share information about you because we have no information to share and I can only imagine that it would be extremely boring if we did.   No one outside our organization has any access to data about you because we have no data about you to share.

We receive communications from all sorts of people. Many individuals do not want their identity to be known. We received confidential e-mail from time to time and you are encouraged to participate with that information process.  We love to hear your blog ideas, tips, etc.. We gather information typically through the normal process of being a citizen and hearing from friends and acquaintances.  Rarely will we go out and do investigative reporting.  We do investigate from our computers.  If we have to make phone calls in pursuit of a blog story, we will make phone calls using *67 so that caller ID will not function when we perform investigations. When we make our calls to gain information, we will NOT publicize who we talked to. Our policy is to treat all communications as anonymous unless we receive specific permission, in writing, that we can place the name of an individual into a specific posting.

This web site does include advertisements.  This web site costs just under $100 a year for registration and hosting fees.  It would be really nifty if we did not have to pay for this web site out of our own pockets but shift the cost to people getting sucked into reading and acting upon the advertisements shown on our web pages.  If you click on one of our advertisements, beware that the company at the other end of that advertisement may place a cookie into your computer and record information about you.  The more you click and purchase products from “our” advertisers, the more money we make and the more information about you will be exposed to outside businesses about your buying habits.

Because we have advertisements in this web site you should assume you are/maybe tracked by any of our advertisers.  To better avoid this possible invasion of your privacy you should make a number of clever changes to how you surf the Internet.  Let me suggest a few:


  • Firefox > Preferences > Security > Tracking options.  Select the option “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked”.
  • In case you think the police will rush in and see what you have been viewing then
    Firefox > Preferences > Security > History.  “Choose never remember history”
  • Another option is to chose  “New Private Window” from the File menu.
  • If you register for any web site, use your separate e-mail address (see below) which is designed for this purpose.
  • If you make a purchase from any web site vendor, use your separate e-mail address.
  • Never use your private e-mail address in any web site page that asks for it. Instead use your less private address.


Create a separate e-mail address that you will only use for web site activity.  The more web sites you click on, increases your chance of being sent spam.  Keep a more private e-mail address that you share only with family, friends and your employer.



Updated: August 23, 2019