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Why Non Rich People Vote Republican – Some Ideas

A very common question is asked by many people and at many times.  Why is it that individuals that are not rich support a political party that works for only the rich and not them?  I put forth that there are no simple answers.  It may be that each individual falls into one or more categories (read main story).  Also, individuals might not follow logic and try to work for their best interests and thus do not fit into any of these categories but are just so disconnected from the political process making a totally ignorant decision while voting in the voting booth.   To read more go to Non Rich Vote Republican.

The Republican Party Agenda

The Republican Party will not raise taxes on the wealthy to help this nation out of a deep recession and government short fall.  They will not raise the debt ceiling.  The apparent reason for this is their alleged sequence of priorities.  Let us provide a list in order of importance:
•    The rich.
•    Large and powerful businesses.
•    Getting as many Republicans reelected as possible.
•    Furthering the Republican Party; make it more powerful.
•    This country.
Also of note is the possibility that the Republican Party shows less concern for American consumers than the financial industry by opposing the appointment of Elizabeth Warren from heading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Elizabeth Warren is undoubtedly the most qualified individual for that position.

Connecting The Dots Into Understanding The

Republican Party

Some background issues first:

  • The Three Legged Stool    Attempts to describe in very simple terms how our economy functions.  There are three major portions of the U.S. economy: personal spending, business spending and government spending.  The first two went dormant leaving only government spending.
  • November 2010 Election Result Reflections  This article promotes the opinion that government spending first took care of financial institutions and the auto manufacturers.  The middle class was never part of an effective  government recovery.
  • Unemployment Still Goes Up   If the real unemployment rate is actually around 18%, looking at the current unemployment chart seems to tells us that we should match the great recession levels in the 1930’s some time soon.

Take a closer look at the Republican Party:

Official And Unofficial U.S. Jobless Rate (June 2011)

•    The official (obfuscated and manipulated) United States unemployment rate: 9% range.
•    Actual rate may be closer to 18 to 20% range.


The Great Depression (1930’s):
•    The unemployment rate “in Canada reached 27% at the depth of the Depression in 1933”.
•    The unemployment rate in Germany reached nearly 25% in 1932.
•    In the United States the unemployment rate was 25% in 1933.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unemployment
We suggest that you read an article “Unemployment Still Goes Up” which strongly suggests that we are possibly heading toward another great recession.



Updated: August 23, 2019

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