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Apple AirPods Definitely Work With LG V30 Cell Phone

Apple AirPods Definitely Work With LG V30 Cell Phone

I have been annoyed with my JayBird X2 Bluetooth headsets for a number of reasons.

  • The ear pieces do not seem to fit into my ear very well.  I have to keep pushing the earbuds into position from time to time on my weekend walks.
  • When I take a walk with my wife, I notice that the cord connecting both headsets rubs against my shirt collar and at times the cord pulls on one of the ear pieces and I have to push the earpiece back into my ear.
  • The rubber fins keep coming off the ear pieces when I take the headsets out of my pocket.  I have lost a number of them.
  • Getting the JayBird X2 Bluetooth to sync to my cell phone, about half the time, takes repeated efforts to pair with my LG V30 cell phone.  I have even had to do a cell phone restart to get the pairing to work.  I am not sure where the problem lies, the cell phone or the headset.  The JayBird X2 does pair with my Toshiba Satellite Windows 10 laptop.

I love to sit watching news programs from my Macbook Air every night while eating dinner.  I never use the JayBird but instead use a wired headset,  I use only one earpiece, for some reason.  I would love to have a single Bluetooth headset instead of wired.

I think I began seeing only a few individuals wearing the Apple AirPods early 2018.  They look sort of dorky.  I went with my daughter when she shopped at the Apple Store for an Apple Pencil.  I decided to buy the Apple AirPods.  No Apple sales person could confirm if the AirPods would work with my Android phone or not.  A sales lady fired an AirPod up to pair with my phone but there were so many Bluetooth devices in the store that it failed to show.  I went home and did a quick research and one web site report gave some hope that the AirPods should work with the LG V30.  I drove back to the store and purchased the AirPods.  If they did not work, I could take them back for a full refund.  When I got to my car, I opened the box and took out the AirPods and tried to pair them with my cell phone.  THEY WORKED!  I used one of the AirPods to listen to my favorite Pocket Cast show, Background Briefing.

Here is what I like about the AirPods:

  • The case that you store the AirPods in is extremely clever. The case is extremely small.  The earpieces seem to get sucked into the box each time you put them in.  The case can charge the earpieces multiple times with no USB cable attached!  So put the earpieces back into the case each time.  The LED under the lid will show you when they attain full charge.
  • The pairing button on the back side of the box is a bit hard to view but clever.
  • The case lid snaps shut nicely.  The lid activates the LED indicator inside the lid.  Note that if the lid is left open, the LED indicator will not show.  To see the LED status light if it extinguishes, just close the lid if it was left open and then open it again.
  • The LED light inside the case shows you the status of the headsets when the headsets are inside the case:
    • RED = Charging
    • AMBER = Not Fully Charged.
    • GREEN = Fully charged.
    • WHITE FLASHING = Pairing.
  • I found that the whole case slips into my jeans coin pocket.
  • The unit comes with a USB charge cable.  If you buy the unit, remove the bottom cardboard piece under the AirPod case to find the cable.
  • The audio quality is very good.  I think it is a bit better than the JayBird X2.
  • The earpieces are very comfortable.

Note:  (Alternative to pairing using the case)  I have had the headsets loose pairing.  This can happen when I place my cell phone down on a table and walk away some distance.   All I need to do is put the headset into my ear and go to the audio source (cell phone, laptop, etc.) and initiate the pairing from the source.  The headset will give me a brief tone indicating that pairing has taken place.

What I do not like about the AirPods:

Once I paired my Airpods to my LG V30 Cell phone it would not pair with my MacBook Air.  This should be an embarrassment for Apple.

Here is what I do like with the JayBird X2:

These headsets pair with my LG V30 with some difficulty.  They Pair easily with my MacBook Pro.  They pair easily with my Toshiba Satellite Windows 10 laptop.

I love the audible messages that the JayBird X2 is turned on, turned off and paired.

The JayBird X2 seems to be the better value if you have a number of different devices that you want to use them with.


What I am concerned with:

  • The AirPods earpieces do not seem to lock into my ear canal tightly but I found they do stay in place.  The JayBird X2 have rubber fins that sort of help keep the earpiece in place but I have more trouble keeping them in place than the AirPods.
  • These AirPod earpieces are so small, I am worried that I will loose them.
  • The case is so small that I might loose the whole unit.  I get a lot of free address labels because I donate money to charities.  I put one of those address labels on the case.
This post was written and put up, May 11, 2018.  As I gain more experience with the Apple AirPods, I may modify this post. This post  was updated May 29, 2018.