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Health Problem: Arthritis

Health Problem: Arthritis

Problem: Arthritis of knee and hands.  I have tried Glucosamine and it did noting for me.  My knees were so bad that I was scared I would need a walker within a year.

Solution:  Schiff MegaRed Joint Care.  Just one pill cured my severe knee arthritis.  I was utterly shocked at the results!  I kept taking the pills for three days but found out that, for me, I got really tired.  I have Waldensrom macrogobulinemia so getting any more tired is a real drag for me.  I experimented and found that I only needed a pill occasionally.  This product is a 353 mg proprietary blend of Krill Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin.

Where Available:  Just about any drugstore will sell this.  I have found this at COSTCO, Target and Walmart.

Note: This is so new for me that I am still researching this product.  I will next try just Krill Oil with nothing added and see if that is the component that is solving this problem for me.

 Disclaimer:  Please consult with your doctor before taking any of these products.  Each person is different and probably reacts to products differently.  Each person has or may have existing medical condition that precludes taking one or more of these products.  When taking a new product, take it slow.  Take even smaller doses than I describe as you begin.  Keep a journal of what you eat including these ingredients and write down any symptoms.  If you notice any symptom that is not beneficial or concerns you, STOP taking the product!  You are responsible for your health.  Read labels.  Research label ingredients so you know how each may affect you.  Be careful.