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Near Perfect Men’s Pajamas

Near Perfect Men’s Pajamas

For the longest time I have been annoyed with the pajamas I had and I had over five different ones. I put together a short list of features I was looking for on my cell phone to do list application.

No fly
Terrific waist band
Draw string

When went to a store that sold men’s pajamas I would check out their selection. At Target I finally found near perfect pajamas made by Hanesbrands. But, by fortunate mistake, they are not pajamas. It seemed someone at Target put a pair in the sleep wear section and that is how I discovered them.  Here is the formal description for the two pair I purchased:

Men’s Soft Touch Jogger Pants – C9 Champion®

Target Search by: 041-06-1693 (seems a bit thicker fabric for cooler weather.)
Target ?Search by: 041-06-1361 (seems a bit thinner fabric for warmer weather.)
My cost was $29.99 each.  September 2019.

Evaluation: The fabric is very soft. The waist band is near perfect for my 32 inch waist with a medium size so the draw string is not needed most of the time. The waist band is wide which improves it’s comfort upon my waist. The draw string is elastic and does not cut into my belly when tightened. The leg fabric is tapered and elastic around the ankles is so tight the fabric does not ride upward when in bed. I love the two front pockets because when I get out of bed, I slide my phone into one of the pockets. There is a zippered rear pocket which I have yet to use. Because these pants are considered jogger pants, I feel quite comfortable going out side to pick up my newspapers in the morning. In bed, these “pajamas” are near perfect for me.  Also, you could wear these pants to the gym or go out jogging.  Women should consider this option too.