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Pending Legislation To Add More Unions

Pending Legislation To Add More Unions

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and Representative Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) reintroduced the Nationwide Right to Unionize Act, legislation that would support the right to unionize by prohibiting states from banning union security agreements through “right-to-work” laws

“Republicans and their corporate interest backers have imposed state laws with only one goal: destroy unions and discourage workers from organizing for higher wages, fair benefits, and safer working conditions,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren.

What unions do to improve the United States:

  • Raised wages for union workers can add further worker improvements well beyond getting more money:
      • Places pressure on other non union businesses to also increase worker pay.
      • More workers who make higher wages can improve the housing market.
      • Better health and medical coverage can follow.
      • Strong unions benefit both union and nonunion members.  This is called the spillover effect.  For example, residents of states with greater unionization rates are more likely to have access to health insurance.
  • Unions can provide improved worker safety.
  • Unions reduce inequality within our society.
  • Unions close pay gaps for gender and race.
  • Union workers typically get pensions.
  • Union workers might have access to family leave.
  • Union workers might get work-free weekends.

Summary:  Union workers have a say and some power to dictate how their workplace functions including benefits.  The United States vastly improves as a whole nation when we have unions.  Please support this legislation!



Posted:  September 14, 2022