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Chocolate Stout Beer Taste Test

Chocolate Stout Beer Taste Test

My wife had a chocolate beer at Disneyworld and the experience for her never left.  She kept talking about it from time to time.  We were in World Market and she picked up a local brewery chocolate stout, Bayhawk, to try out.  I noticed that Hanger 24 also offered a chocolate stout and we decided to do a taste test.  Here is the results of that test.

Date of test: August 17, 2014


Two chocolate beers were compaired in a taste test.
Chocolate Porter Taste Test

Bayhawk Chocolate Porter

  • Chocolate flavor: The chocolate flavor was subtle but recognizable enough.  As the glass became warmer the chocolate flavor seemed to become more pronounced.
  • Beer flavor: one almost had to remember that we were drinking a beer beverage.  The flavor was way more subtle in total.  The beer flavor was there but you had to remember to look for it.
  • Harshness:  way less harsh than Hanger.
  • Smoothness:  way smoother than Hanger
  • Strength:  lower strength than Hanger.

Summary:  refine, subtle, smooth and enjoyable.  This would be a better choice for a women, refined gentleman, or a person with a sensitive palate.


Hanger 24 Chocolate Porter

  • Chocolate flavor: seemed to be louder than Bayhawk and this might be party due to other beer factors seeming to make its flavor project or speak more loudly.
  • Beer flavor:  The chocolate was more pronounced and so was the beer flavor.  You definitely knew you were drinking a chocolate beer.
  • Harshness:  much more harsh can Bayhawk
  • Smoothness:  not smooth.
  • Strength:  way more strong than Bayhawk.  This beer was like experiencing a louder color while the Bayhawk was a pastel.

Summary:  Hanger came across as being a crud, brash, and masculine type of flavor.  It seemed to shout while the Bayhawk spoke with a more normal voice.  This is truck driver’s choice.



Updated: June 18, 2019 with prior Bayhawk link broken.