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Roadblock Joe Manchin

Roadblock Joe Manchin


Joe Manchin, Senator for West Virginia, follows the despicable near criminal act of a dictator that one person decides against the best interests of the many.  The US Senate has 100 members and Joe Manchin is just one that is dictating he will not vote for Build Back Better, a plan put forth by President Biden and supported by most all Democrat members of Congress.

For most individuals, especially politicians, to make an important decision that can affect a lot of other people, a list of separate factors and considerations typically are measured for their importance in that person’s mind to come up with a total plan of action.  Some times a lot of different values, facts, and views are mulled over in a person’s mind to come up with what they think is the best solution.  Let us list a few obvious factors and proceed to predict, or guess, Manchin’s mental state for each factor we can come up with and give each a percent of importance followed with our research.

Let me take the liberty to put values that total well over 100%.  There are two reasons for this.

First, is most parents will say that each of their children are 100% value to them.  Four children would then total 400%

Second is when any person goes to evaluate, give values, give scores, to items of consideration, the values often get considered differently as we talk about each one and we seldom try to seek a one hundred percent.  

The percent values shown below are only to guess how Manchin might value each political item in that moment he considers it’s value.

Interest in coal:  90%

Interest in oil:  80%

Interest in global warming (Expected pending end of civilization.):

For the USA:  10%

For the world:  5%

Democratic Party:  30%.  For some politicians, politics is a means toward an end, a path way toward what they think they personally need for themselves, want for others and aspire toward for the world.  The purpose of politics is not to get rich except for a few politicians like Manchin seems to be.  It appears that Manchin is not deep Democratic team player, but a self centered outlier.

Plutocracy:  80%

Manchin couldn’t go along with taxing billionaires because it’s not fair to demonize such wonderful “job creators” (he said).

The people of West Virginia:  25%

The people of the United States:  20%

Low Income children:  10%.   Children With Young Children Used Child Tax Payments for Child care.    Manchin is against the one-year extension of an expansion of the child tax credit.

Manchin seems to be a Plutocracy lap dog for shutting down Build Back Better legislation which he claims will cost too much.  Except he along with both political parties have continually increased the funding of the Pentagon.  Military spending seems way more important than serving the interests of the citizens of this nation and West Virginia.




Posted:  January 2, 2021