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The USA Is Now A Plutocracy Not A Democracy.

The USA Is Now A Plutocracy Not A Democracy.

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Most American citizens think the United States is a Democracy.  It is not true any more.  Today, the United States is ruled by the rich and falls within the category of being a plutocracy or ruled by rich individuals and corporations.

A rich have the money to pay for political influence and resulting policies that ensure they keep their wealth and gain more wealth and power.  That is, if they calculate and plot accurately toward that end and they have.  

The dark slide of the United States from being a democracy to being a plutocracy really was propelled by the utter incompetence of the US “Supreme” Court decision brought to the court by Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission.

Citizens United is a right wing, Republican, non-profit organization with an obvious agenda to allow money to buy political power.  This move resulted in the United States moving from being a Democracy to being a plutocracy.  The reason for this is that money buys politicians, both Republican and Democratic.  But, the current problem is that the Republicans have gamed the system way better than the Democrats.  

The current status is that the right wing have stacked the “Supreme” Court with conservative agenda sycophants that seem to believe in trampling on the poor and lower classes of citizens.

“… for five decades, the court has, with striking regularity, sided with the rich and powerful against the poor and weak in virtually every area of the law.”



Posted. December 25, 2020

Newsweek article reveals Virginia Tech incapable of good internal communications.

Newsweek article reveals Virginia Tech incapable of good internal communications.

In the April 30th issue of Newsweek in the article devoted to “Making of a Massacre” numerous examples were made describing not one but just about all of the bureaucratic offices could not effectively communicating with one another. For anyone that has worked for a college or university it just might not surprise that body of people. The reason? Colleges and universities are based upon the military model of leadership. It is top down command. Lateral communication is possible but not easy. Upward communication is hard. As an institution grows in size the compartmentalization typically becomes more pronounced. If you need an image, just think of a lumbering battle ship with all of the water tight compartment doors bolted shut. It is just the nature of the organization construction that creates these walls.

I will assert here that the military model might be wrong for a modern college and university campus. The military management model serves the leadership, not the customer.