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Sports Chalet

Sports Chalet

Archive post (taken down 12/2016)

United States, Brick And Mortar Sporting Goods Stores Are In Flux

Why Sports Chalet May Have Been Taken Down

Image shows the front of the Brea, California Spots Chalet store.
Sports Chalet, Brea, California.

It seems to me that Vestis Retail Group may have realized that it could not easily appreciate, measure and thus manage  a store that offered technical customer service in addition to everyday fitness and sports product.  Vestis typically offers product only and may have come to realize that Sports Chalet had technical services that were not high enough profit makers or enticements or they could not understand what value those services added to the store.  To read more go to Vestis.

LA Times:

When Sports Authority closes, these retailers win
Why sporting goods retailers are fumbling

Why Sports Authority may have been taken down

One of our contacts who provided product to Sports Authority warehouse located in the inland of Southern California, reported that when he went into their warehouse, it was a mess.  It his is true, this certainly would be a telling empirical indicator that management may have failed their duties.

Letter To REI To Consider Former Sports Chalet Store.

I received reports that the Sports Chalet store in Brea, California seemed to have a special positive standing in the community.  Here are some empirical indicators:  To read more go to REI Letter.

Letter From REI.

Thank you for contacting REI regarding a store in the Brea, California area where the Sports Chalet was.

Customer feedback is our best tool for improvement and we appreciate your input regarding the possibility of a new REI store in your community.Your feedback has been passed along to our Real Estate Department.

To read more go to Letter from REI





Updated January 22, 2022