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Trap Door Option For Donald Trump

Trap Door Option For Donald Trump

It is quite possible and recommended for Donald Trump to consider a trap door option.  He could secretly meet with the Republican oligarchs and make a deal that both sides might wish for.  Donald could offer to bow out of the primary process and endorse a candidate that Trump and the oligarchs both approve.  But, only if Donald gets a huge payment.  He would appear to the world as falling upon his sword for the party.


  • Donald’s chances of becoming the next president are exceedingly slim.  He would avoid being a looser.
  • Donald can achieve even more popularity for saving the Republican Party.  His approval rating might even go higher.
  • Donald could walk away with a lot more money.  He could even bargain for future  political favors and influence in the Republican Party.
  • His chances of running for president in the next election might improve.  He could even play this gambit again for future gain.
  • Donald gets some of his income for just applying his name to businesses.  His name just might be worth more to more customers after he resigns to “save the party”.


  • Can’t think of any.

Please note: If Trump becomes the United States president, he should consider that his holdings, which are in a lot of foreign countries, puts those assets at possible risk.  His name is emblazoned on a lot of foreign properties.  It is conceivable that those properties could be targets for radical groups who wish to make a political statement.  The actual property owners might wish to remove Trump’s name and along with that his payment for placing his name on the business.  It is reported that some of the businesses that has Trump’s name on them are branded and Trump gets payment for his name but fails to actually own the business.  It would be real interesting to read all the escape clauses in the branding contracts to see how easy and quickly any business could remove Trump’s name.