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Left & Right Wing U. S. Politics – Simplified

Left & Right Wing U. S. Politics – Simplified

For analysis to better understand the United States right and left wing political scene, I first propose that there are two types of individuals living in the United States and holding two different social and political outlooks.  These inherent views tends to move some individuals like magnets toward one and not another political party.   In some respects these individuals hold opposite views of the world and this directly effects their political attitudes.  For sake of analysis, let me attribute each different outlook as being in varying degree responsible for the person’s political view.

Let me start this proposal by stating that most children when they are growing up may seem to begin seeing themselves in singular terms.  The child thinks he or she is at the center of the universe and they are in many ways correct in this view when they are young children.  Over time the child may develop a belief that changes from  a self centered me to  more inclusive we, from singular to plural.  When a child is very young it naturally thinks it is the center of the universe because of all the attention they receive and it can really feel this way when family and friends spoil the child and shower praise upon the child.  Over time, this self contentedness is washed off or filed off to a varying degree by life experiences.  Other children may still cling to a more self centered outlook.  The more mature  child may begin to see themselves less as a thread but rather a component of the fabric.

A further, somewhat remarkable, development may take place beyond the us view.  An even more mature individual may realize that they gain pleasure by looking after other people.  Remarkably, these individuals just might act selfishly but do not seem so because they are seen as helping others and they must be altruistic.  This may not be the whole truth.  They may help others so they feel good about themselves.  Also, a lot of times, helping other people are rewarded by thank you statements. Beside the exact motive, looking to help others is the more mature stand to take because it works for the greater good.  The simple reason for this is that these efforts often times come back to reward those who worked for others.  Some times the payback is not direct, sometimes hard to see, and takes time to realize.  This attitude often times pays back to society in making for a more stronger social fabric in that the people involved in this type of society feel more welcome and included.

A good example of this can be seen in economics.  The economy of the United States has a lot going for it. One terrific singular aspect is the free and open market system.  The more people who have money to spend, the more the merchants profit and can pay their workers who in turn can buy more product and the economy spins forward on its own energy.  This is a continuous cycle that is positive.

There is another tactic that seems to derive from a more self centered reward system.  It is based upon a me system where I get more and I do not care if you get less.  Even the poor buy into this if they think there is another group less fortunate that might take away what little they have.  Its like watching crabs in a barrel trying to get out.  Crabs will pull down any that get close to the top of the barrel.

This economic and political system is easy to identify.  It denies higher wages, denies higher taxes, denies social programs, denies environmental protection, denies infrastructure improvements, denies infrastructure repairs, denies social programs denies oversight.  It works to diminish or do away totally with unions.  Often times it disenfranchises voters.  It may even deny free education.  So little money is spent with this system that the economy may stall.  This model typically serves the rich or oligarch class.  This rich class does want money to be spent on police and military to better protect the oligarchs assets and suppress any social uprisings from the have nots.

A me economy that follows a non positive cycle where the masses of people have less to spend and less rewards may stall and diminish the nation.