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Why You Should Consider Not Going To A Resort Prior To Christmas

Why You Should Consider Not Going To A Resort Prior To Christmas

Let me share with you a view that I utterly failed to appreciate until it took place.  My wife joined 6 other women for a week long vacation visit to the Disney resort located in Florida.  This vacation took place toward the middle of December.

  • Within Florida, COVID-19 related restrictions have been lifted.
  • There is no requirement to quarantine when traveling to Florida.

Florida is not near the top of a list for vacation destinations that help control and fight COVID.

My wife returned about the middle of December 2022 from her vacation.  A few days later, she tested positive for COVID as well as some of the other women in her group.  It appears that some of the ladies in the group came down with COVID while in Florida.  Because typically a full recovery takes about 10 days, doing the math, this means that my wife needs to stay home and we can not entertain visitors until December 23.  This comes very close to Christmas on December 25.  Another rather shocking result is that my wife gave me COVID.  I tested positive  a few days later after she came home.  I tested the day before she arrived back home and did not have COVID which points a clear finger of blame.  Doing the math and adding 10 days to December 19 means that we have to postpone Christmas until December 29 or maybe even later!  Our family agreed to postpone our celebration of Christmas.  What a shock!  My point in telling you this short story is that you might want to consider NOT taking a vacation at least 10 days or more before any important family get together such as Christmas, birthdays, religious events, etc.  Because, you just might have enough days to recover in time to celebrate such an important day of celebration.

I recommend further actions for you to consider to prepare for coming down with COVID and having to self isolate.

Have enough of the following items that you might use every day at your residence that you can use for the next two weeks or more because, for many people, you should not go out and shop for anything.  Here is a list to consider for items to stock up:

  • Food
  • Snacks
  • Deserts
  • Water and non alcoholic drinks.  Due to having COVID, I needed to drink water all the time so I was glad that I had stocked up with three boxes of Figi water (24 carton 16.9 fl oz).  I will not drink tap water.
  • Pet food.  One option for you to consider if you can not get out to buy animal food is to oder from Chewey.  Their order and delivery service is fast.
  • Animal litter along with animal litter disposable bags.
  • Laundry cleaning items such as soap, conditioner and fabric softener.
  • Covid test kits.
  • Covid medication. (Even though I had COVID, my doctor said it was ok to travel to the hospital pharmacy and pick up COVID medication. I just had to be sure to wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet away from every person.)

Summary:  I personally am quite upset with the group of women who decided to go on vacation right before Christmas.  Tomorrow, the time I am posting this blog, is Christmas and I will not be celebrating it.  Note that we have two children and they will not celebrate Christmas also because of the mistake the women made in going to Florida Walt Disney World so close to Christmas.


Posted: 12/24/2022

Princess Cruise Booking Process Evaluation

Princess Cruise Booking Process Evaluation

January 3, 2019, my wife and I called Princess Cruises to book an Alaskan cruise. There were a number of complicating issues, like cancelling an prior cruise, non refundable deposit on the prior cruise, cabin location, etc. The lady who answered the phone, Regina #1, was the most amazing person I have ever interfaced with from a corporation. Typically corporate sales people come across as worn down by the job. Not Regina. She was amazing in every regard. She understood each issue we presented her with and deftly dealt with each one. She seemed to have all the time in the world to help us with planning and executing the trip. She had answers for every issue and made the trip planning a wonderful experience. We have traveled with Princess Cruises before and have found them very good. My impression of Princess Cruises has gone up with this experience.