If Trump Is Found Guilty. (Opinion)


I keep hearing reports that a few government individuals, who seem to have private insight into the inner workings of the national security organizations, have stated that it is their view that President Trump is a criminal and possibly a traitor. I personally find this utterly shocking. I have had to reflected upon this because it is so loud in my mind and I am trying to figure out what follows if this is actually true. Remember, please, that what follows is pure conjecture.

If President Trump is found to be a criminal and/or traitor within the Mueller’s report, and is successfully prosecuted for such crimes, this could be devastating for a lot of the following individuals and bodies:

United States could loose some amount of respect for brining to power a dictator and/or traitor. This typically happens in more backward nations. So is the United States so backward? On the other hand, if the United States solves this problem using our legal system, this should raise our standing, not in the political realm, which has been utterly incompetent, but our legal system which should stand out as being rather strong and robust and maybe a model for other nations.

The Republican Party comprises about 24% of the total electorate. This very low number could even erode further handing way more power to the independents and Democrats. We need a two party system and the Republican Party has been run by plutocracy money interests and not the interests of the whole electorate for too long. Independents comprise the highest percent, about 42%, and they may need to form a democratic socialist party to further their aspirations and let us all see the Republican Party die off.

Vice President Pence’s power and position could vastly diminish by being put in office by an alleged despicable. He should be forced out of office if President Trump is actually found guilty.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has seen the Republicans supporting President Trump with a 90% approval rating. He has allegedly done nothing to stop Trump proving that the political system in the United States is nearly incompetent compared to our legal system. His “reward” will be written in the history books.

Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and other federal court judge appointments, made by Trump, could be seen as as illegitimate appointment(s) and call for removal of all his appointments should be considered seriously.

All political appointments made by President Trump should go through a reconfirmation process by congress for reasons already stated.

The plutocracy that supports the Republican Party and tries to control the “Supreme” Court for it’s own selfish gains may find that the nation will, under a new expected progressive government, rewrite the tax code to favor the lower and middle classes, expand health care for all, offer free college education, thwarting climate change and more; all resulting in taxing the rich at much higher levels. The, 1%, plutocracies power of using money to buy influence needs to be diminished in this country for the betterment of all.


Posted February 24, 2019
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Mueller’s Report Revealed Soon? (Opinion)

The end of February, 2019, we received a number of news reports that Mueller’s final report was soon to be released. This seems unlikely because there are quite a few more threads of this investigation that have not been explored.

Mueller just might release a first report followed later with further report(s). If this is what actually takes place, here are some possible reasons why:

The president was found to be an agent working for Russia and his alleged actions to diminish the United States need to be stopped.

The president is slowly turning this county into a dictatorship and this needs to be stopped.

The president is close to shutting down the Muller investigation and needs to be stopped.

Mueller is not confident that delaying the report will see the light of day when it is placed on the desk of the attorney general and placing a first report that shows the vast importance of the investigation would ensure that the investigation continues until all the threads are examined.


Posted February 24, 2019
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Trump’s Attacks are Allegedly About Himself.

The alleged secret to decode and understand Trump’s attacks upon others is to understand that being a nearly complete narcissist, he can only view his self and place those same self labels upon others.

Trump:Feb 20, 2019 08:49:13 AM – The New York Times reporting is false. They are a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
Meaning: Trump is “the enemy of the people”.

Just apply this example to any future attacks you read or listen to from Trump and you will better understand what is actually transpiring.

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Posted: February 20, 2019
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Global Warming Is The Most Important Threat to Our Country and Our Near Future Existence.

Earth is being destroyed by some of us. Because of the actions or lack of action of a few individuals, global warming will cause close to 8 billion people to die.  Life on planet Earth may die off due to the actions of some humane beings.  Such a horrendous crime against civilization calls for new penalties. A new top legal level needs to be added to our world legal system which is applied to all nations and all people.  The purpose of this change to our legal system is to help the future survival of Earth, if it is not too late.

The people of the United States and the United Nations should consider penalties for those individuals, businesses, corporations and groups participating in the endangerment of the United States and planet Earth to the extent that it is determined that either or both will cease to survive in the future. If it is determined that such activities of those individuals  includes working toward exacerbating climate change to any significant degree, determined by scientists, the following actor activities shall be penalized for those efforts:

Actor Activities:

  • Direct or indirect owner or anyone having any control interest in any business that creates product or activities that enhances endangerment to the future of Earth’s future survival.
  • Any individual who is solely or part of a larger lobby group who’s effort is to impede the efforts of stopping climate change.
  • All politicians and judges who make legal rulings that are found to allow other actors to move their activities forward to damage Earth.
  • Any person’s activity that is deemed meeting the level, set by a ruling body of scientists, of being significant enough to contribute to damaging Earth.

Criminals Defined:

  • Any individual or group that directly or indirectly is involved in harming Earth’s climate to a significant degree determined by scientist and the courts.
  • Any individual that holds control over any other person, agency, business and/or corporation which has significantly contributed in the expected future extinction of any portions of Earth.

Significant penalties shall follow after the courts have made the determination that those individuals have significantly participated in the criminal act shall incur the following penalties.


  • Removal of all current and future assets from those individuals and their value is transferred to the state.
  • Removal of all control including stock price benefits and their value is transferred to the government.
  • Confiscation of all tangible assets including past and future family and business inheritance.
  • Removal of all personal stock sale benefits now and in the future.
  • Seizure of all property owned by the individual.
  • Removal of all personal inheritance and inheritance of any wealth or value component given to family members prior to being charged with this crime in an effort to hide those assets.
  • Seizure of any gifts given to family or friends, prior to being charged with this crime, in an effort to hide those assets.
  • If the activity of individuals reaches a high enough level, determined by the courts with the advice of scientist as to the level of involvement in propelling climate change, either of two penalties will be applied. If a low level of criminal activity, incarceration for life. If the criminal level is high, termination of those people from living by the act of a public execution shall take place.

Twenty percent of all seized assets will go to government administration for this program and the remainder assets will be distributed to agencies working toward stemming climate change.


Posted: February 19, 2019


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Why is President Trump shutting down the United States government?

Why is President Trump shutting down the United States government?   A possible explanation is to divert YOUR attention from his alleged crimes:

  • Allegedly using Russian help to get elected.
  • Allegedly working for Russian interests  which could be treason.

Trump has been referred to as a mob boss. It is a fact that his minions have left a rather long list of crime and despicable acts.  Here are web site lists of alleged crime boss Trump and his lieutenants activities:

If the U.S. Government shutdown is a stunt, a lot of people are suffering because of it.

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Democrats Should Respond To Trump’s Proposal?

Saturday January 19, 2019, President Trump offered to the Democrats his usual demand to fund the wall between the United States and Mexico for 5.7 billion dollars. His new negotiating offer is to serve up temporary extensions to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and Temporary Protected Status for refugees who hold that status.

The Democrats responded with a flat rejection which might have been a mistake for these reasons:

A flat rejection paints the Democrats as not caring about the government shutdown. A lot of Americans fail to look deeply into the issues and for them issues like this are black and white.
A flat rejections sort of shows to federal workers that the Democrats don’t seem to care about their suffering.
There are a lot of Americans who are affected by the government shut down and these people just want to get their lives going again and want a quick resolution. Not being seen as working toward a solution may be a negative for the Democrats among this population.

Why then, did not the Democrats offer up a response such as allow 3 billion for the wall and full protection in the future for DACA and immigrants? Trump would most surely reject such a offer but we are dealing with perceptions and the Democrats would be seen as trying to make a good come back offer and with that, enhanced reputation.

The Democrats do have a good point that the shut down should have never been used for such a worthless purpose. Trump would probably shut down the government again if he does not get his way in the future. The Democrat’s stand should teach Trump that this tactic is futile. Problem with this thinking is, with Trump’s alleged lack of intellect, he never learns any lesson, fails to take good counsel and seems incapable of doing what is right for others. He only works for his self interests.  The Democrats need a tactic where Trump sees his self interest advance.

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Posted Jan 21, 2019
Revised Jan 22, 2019
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Why Is Trump Eager To Go To War With Iran?

Following are some possible reasons why President Donald Trump may be eager to go to war with Iran.

Trump is fraying nerves inside the Pentagon:

“…there is growing concern among Pentagon officials that Trump will continue trying to use the military as a tool for his own political gain.”

“Pentagon officials have also been unnerved by requests from the White House National Security Council, which continues to ask the Pentagon for options to attack Iran.”

Let’s examine some possible reasons why President Trump might want the United States to declare war with Iran:

#1 It would really help Putin. Why? The Russian economy is pathetic in that it has mainly oil and gas for export and little else. High oil prices would really improve the Russian economy and ensure that Putin who is the chairman of the oligarch class remains in power. A war with Iran would drive up oil prices.

“Military conflict between the United States and Iran would threaten to shut the world’s busiest seaway for oil exports and send crude prices to all-time highs, perhaps even to $200 a barrel, according to one analyst.”

#2 A war with Iran should have at least two positive results for President Trump. First is it would divert attention from the investigation of Trump being a traitor. Then, national wars typically result a nation coming together and stymieing political dissent.

Summary: If the United States goes to war with Iran, it only benefits two individuals and many people die for this. It benefits one of our nation’s enemies, Putin and possibly helps Donald Trump. War also helps weapons manufacturers because they sell more product. But war means people die. War means a country’s infrastructure is damaged. This despicable imbalance of reasoning is criminal.

Further Reading:

How Russia’s Pipeline Politics Holds the EU Hostage

Posted January 17, 2019
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American Stitch Alleged Flawed Product, In My Opinion

You hear people sometimes say “buyer beware”. In my mind, it means buyer can get screwed. It happened to me. It all started when I was shopping in a store that offers coats, and clothing that are over stock at apparent discount price. You can some times get great value and find items that are for the wrong season of the year in a store like this. I was looking for a casual long sleeve, pull over, collar shirt. I found two, one from Levi and the other from American Stitch. American means nothing as the shirt was made in China.  When I washed the two shirts together the American Stitch bled into the Levi shirt.


I checked the care label on the American Stitch and it said dry clean only! I was shocked. The shirt was a casual shirt, not formal. Who in their right mind would make and sell a shirt like this? Why was there not a label on the front of the shirt that shows “Dry Clean Only”?

I went to my local dry cleaner store and the shop owner told me he would charge me $6.27 to dry clean the American Stitch shirt! This is incredibly wrong! I will not keep the American Stitch shirt for obvious reasons. I will get rid of the Levi shirt as it is now damaged. I paid a total of $37.69 for both shirts so I lost that money due to American Stitch selling an alleged AWFUL product. The dry cleaning store owner lectured me that a lot of foreign Internet shirts are not color fast fabric.

I sent the company a complaint letter and here is their reply:

I there, please read the care instructions prior to washing garments.

The care label clearly states this garment must be dry cleaned.

If you washed it in the washing machine, that is likely why you have a problem.

Thank you

My reply:

You totally miss the point. I have never had to read the care label on any casual shirt I buy. Your company is outside the norm, in my opinion. What idiotic company creates a casual shirt that requires dry cleaning? A really stupid product.

I should have added, why sell a casual shirt that requires the owner taking the shirt to a dry cleaner and paying over $6 to get it cleaned?

Summary:  I do NOT recommend American Stitch products.

Posted January 12, 2019
Updated January 14, 2019
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Does The Shocking New York Times Article Have Another Purpose?

Was there any secret purpose to release to the New York Times the shocking story: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia? Or, was this story just the result of darn good reporters digging this stuff up? Let’s examine a couple of reasons why someone in the FBI, Muller’s investigation group or the New York court system might have informed the New York Times about the facts behind this story to the Times:

#1) Some government employee just might have secretly released the details to the New York Times, to better tie the hands of incoming Attorney General, William P. Barr who Trump seems to have picked knowing of Barr’s opposition to the Mueller’s investigation and may shut it down.

#2) Another possibility is that Mueller, might have some proof that President Trump knowingly colluded with the Russians. Someone close to that investigation would realize that selling this “fact” to the American public is not a one step process of drawing the curtain away suddenly to reveal. A way better tactic is to more slowly show the “facts” to the public. It might be way more intelligent to turn the public’s attention toward the curtain and slowly slide the reveal from under the curtain, inch by inch. The New York Times article could be the first glimpse of what is to come next.

Posted January 12, 2019
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The Democrats Should Not Impeach Trump.

Let me list the reasons why the Democrats should not impeach President Trump:

#1) Trump acts like a bill board for everything wrong with the Republican Party. So many people despise Trump that to remove him would make the Democratic and Republican Party appear more equal.

“The degree to which Republicans, to borrow from Exodus, have hardened their hearts against innocents, even wishing them ill, should not surprise us, but it should appall us. “

“… the Republican Party now exists for one reason, and one reason only: for the exercise of raw political power…”

The apparent reason why the Republicans only stand for gaining power is allegedly many of it’s members are bootlickers for the plutocracy class that paid to get them in office. The United States is no longer a true Democracy but is being ruled by the rich as is the case in way too many other nations. There is also a trend for nations world wide to slide toward authoritarian forms of government, more than we have already with bone spur fat boy.

#2 Pence, being the vice president, would replace Trump if he is impeached but could be as worse as Trump or way worse. “Mike Pence, who mirrors the boss (Trump) more than you realize. He’s also self-infatuated. Also a bigot. Also a liar. Also cruel.”

Revised January 11, 2019


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