Chef Mickey at Disney World, Florida.

Chef Mickey at Disney World, Florida.

Chef Mickey at Disney World, Florida.

Here and at quite a few other restaurants at Disney World, Disney characters make a birthday a very enjoyable and special occasion for the birthday child. The Disney characters make the rounds going from table to table with particular attention paid to children celebrating their birthday. They show special attention toward birthday children like no other restaurant does. If your child has a birthday, this is a must attend restaurant. The Disney characters do a fantastic job. This restaurant does offer family photographs. For the adults, it is way more comfortable than Rainforest. Here is the meal review:

Main meal reviews:
Prime rib was dry, a bit tough and overall just fair.
Ribs were tender but had a slightly odd flavor.
Salmon had a good flavor.
Garlic mashed potatoes were a favorite, excellent flavor. I recommend that when you try these, you do not put any gravy on them but try a small amount to get a pure original flavor experience. The gravy only masks the flavor of this surprise dish.

For the desert reviews:
Mickey moose was very good.
Sugar free brownie was fair. For being free of sugar, I guess it was good.
Cheese cake, nothing special here.
They offer ice cream and devices for laying on top of your desert a whole lot of different sprinkles.

I do not normally mention servers unless they are above average. Melvin was an older gentleman who was excellent. He gave us very good advice throughout the meal.

As parents, we enjoyed this restaurant almost as much as our children.

I warmly recommend this restaurant for your birthday child. As for adult food quality, it was ok.

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