Good entertainment.

Good entertainment.

I was able to obtain four tickets to the NCAA baseball super regional game against UCLA and CSUF, Saturday, June 9th at Goodwin Field in Fullerton. I was able to get my tickets from Mr. Mel Franks the CSUF Sports Information Director. I banked on the fact that Mr. Franks might have remembered me from our days of covering his athletic events with our student crews (KDOC). Not sure his rational for letting me in to see the game, as the ticket office was slammed for requests; I was appreciative.

This field seems small and intimate, which is nice. It was a hot clear day with an infrequent cool breeze. I was amazed to see some vacant seats in the higher priced seating’s but out toward the field wings where the cheaper seats were, it was packed solid. What does that tell you about baseball fans? The Titan (CSUF) team came on strong right away and appeared over time to be likened to a slow steam roller, rolling over the UCLA team with good hitting. CSUF took the lead right away and just piled on the scoring to end the game with a 12 to 2 score to end the game.

All in all, it was a good played game for UCLA and the Titans. Baseball is all about pitching and hitting and fielding holds much less importance, in my opinion.

The officiating was very good for the game. I wish the program had a page that showed all the hand signs. I saw the home plate umpire do a chop with his right hand downward and no one around me knew what that meant.

Our seats cost $12 and we sat just two rows behind the box seats located right behind the plate. You just can not beat that cost for a fun event like this.

[Aside: The UCLA web site is really good.
It is clever in that it targets the younger, college aged, visitor with its color choices, less formal presentation and comic strip balloons. ]

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