Accessories for the telescope.

Accessories for the telescope.

I went back to the Discovery Store to find they now had discounted the Meade accessories by 40%. I picked up a series 4000 9.7 Super Plossi lens for just under $30. I went back to the store later that day to pick up a 45 degree erecting prism, for $25.00, not for my scope but I wanted to try it. I got a telenegative Barlow Lens for $26.50, and a Series 4000 12.4mm Super Plossi lens. I already had a regular 12.4mm and 9.7mm but had read that the 4000 glass was superior. This 12.4 model 4000 lens cost $29.40.

The store manager was in the store for my second visit and I asked about the CCD camera deal for buying a new telescope. She told me I could have one if I were to drive to her Mission Viejo store. It would cost me one penny. I jumped in my truck and tore down the 57 to the 5 freeway and landed in that store within 45 minutes. They had the Deep Sky Imager Pro with AutoStar Suite waiting for me and the cost was one penny.

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