The Writer’s Corner – MGM Studios – Walt Disney World

The Writer’s Corner – MGM Studios – Walt Disney World

The Writer’s Corner – MGM Studios – Walt Disney World

This little place is part bookstore and part coffee bar. If you’re from Seattle, as I am, it reminds one of all the coffee places around town. It is also a great place for having a coffee break when it’s too hot or too cold or too wet outside or you just need to get away from the crowd. There isn’t much seating – just one or two tables and a sofa and two easy chairs.

The items for sale are books (not that many – mostly Disney related or popular fiction suitable for vacation reading), music (definitely all Disney-related), autograph books and journals and the like, and also some kitchen-related Disney items.

There are soft drinks and specialty coffee drinks. The coffee is the contract-required Nescafe brand, but if you get a latte or such, it is generally better than the hopelessly weak Nescafe served most places in the theme parks.

Snacks include giant cookies, rice crispy treats, etc. A word about the cookies: if you like soft cookies, like I do, don’t be drawn in by the cookies which are higher than they are round. I think it’s because they have to cook them slowly to get them done all the way through. But in any case, they are all crunchy, even the chocolate chip, sugar cookies, and peanut butter cookies. If you like soft cookies, choose the ones that resemble small Frisbees.

However, the ultimate attraction of this place is the small size and change of mood from the rest of the park. It is located next to the Sci-Fi Drive-in Diner and quite close to the Star Tours ride. If you visit during the Christmas season, this is a great stop after seeing the Osborne Family Festival of lights which is quite close.

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