Video Production Advice

Video Production Advice

Never let them see you sweat. (All production personnel, especially talent)

Focus on the eyes. (Camera operator)

Cheat whenever possible. (Camera operators.)

The crew members must never let the person(s) paying for the show know there is a problem. Quietly take care of it. (Crew).

Camera operators must tell the director before the show begins of any camera operation deficiency. (Camera operators).

Never bring a two way radio close to a video camera. (Crew).

Audio people, never give talent a wireless microphone that you have not checked out as operating perfectly. (Audio).

Make sure anything that can go wrong does not go wrong. (Engineering).

Arriving early is being on time. Arrive on time is late. Arriving late is excuse for being fired. (Everyone).

Label all video tapes and other media. (Audio and tape operators).

F_ _ _ the truck. (Rule for mic lines). This means the male end plugs in at the truck.

F_ _ _ talent. (Rule for PL or RTS lines). This means that the male end of the mic cable plugs into the intercom box being worn by talent or taped to the table talent will be using during the show.

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