Attack Force

Attack Force

Movie Review: Attack Force

Actors: Steven Segal

Attack Force is just about as a complete disappointment as can be put into a movie. Everything was uninspired, the plot, sets, acting to mention a few. I thought the music, at times, was far better than the action and more enjoyable which shows you how distracted I was from the action. The plot was utterly unbelievable. The plot could have been twice as good with a rewrite by a good screenwriter. If a storyboard was done, it was done incorrectly or anyone looking at the board cards was blind or drunk. The director needed to save this movie but seemed to not even try. Steven Sega’s voice appeared, at times to be overdubbed by another male voice. The male actors, to evidently hide the fact that Segal had taken on the dimensions of Jackie Gleason, wore heavy coats most of the time. The women of course were scantly dressed; sex sells. If Segal was not going to loose a few pounds to do this movie, I do not think anyone should put down a few pounds to pay for it. If I were to rate this movie, it gets trashcan rating.

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