Uncommon Valor

Uncommon Valor

Uncommon Valor

Watching this movie, with headsets, I found the audio an annoying distraction.  I got the distinct impression that no live audio was recorded and if it was, never used.   The sound effect treatment was anything but realistic much of the time.  It seemed that no live Foley work was done but rather sound effect library was the source of sounds.  The dialog, all or most, sounded like ADR, which came across as unrealistic a lot of the time.

The acting, directing and editing seemed at times to be paint by the numbers.  The blocking was noticeably flawed at least once to make a camera movement more easily work.  The acting came across as just that, acting; a lot of awkward moments between actors took place.  Some of the actor’s lines were camp even corny.  I never got lost into the movie because too many of the component parts were not inspired and the plot failed to flow but was a bumpy ride.  The total production came across as being made for TV quality, not feature film.  The target age group, I would guess was teen.

The script was predictable except for a brief middle part.  The film appeared to be a pandering patriotic piece.  All in all, I thought paying $5.50 was barely worth the cost. I recommend that you buy something of better value.

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