Is Life Survival?

Is Life Survival?

Zhenren:  I am often times confused by my own existence.  I some times think that life choices are tests for survival but yet I live a comfortable life.  I read about people who are suffering because they were born into poor circumstances.  I feel that If I make the wrong choice I will fall or fail into situations and become like the less fortunate people I read about in magazines, newspapers and see on the news.   My parents want me to go into business, science or engineering studies in college.  I want to write, take photographs and play computer games.  Nothing seems to fit the way I want.  I am scared to make the wrong move.  The things that my parents want me to do seem logical and offer the best chances for survival but my interests are toward self expression.

Selene:  You are correct, life is a constant effort to survive and for those who live deep inside the modern way of living, might not be seen.  Do not mistake the comfortable life you lead as a permanent situation that I gave you.  You are correct, if you make a mistake in judgment you can suffer accordingly.  You are correct, your level of success depends upon a lot of factors, some you do not have any control over.  One factor for success is to have a passion, an intense interest in something.  It is this passion that can motivate you further than those who do not possess it.   You must always be calculating in your chances for survival and your parents can some times guide you correctly.  Remember, it is best to enjoy life while fighting to stay alive.  Remember, to try to help others stay alive and enjoy this gift we call life.

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