Spores Computer Game Just Might Hit The News.

Spores Computer Game Just Might Hit The News.

A new computer game (Sept 08) called Spores from Electronic Arts, costing about $50, just might be the future focus of any of the following possible news events.

  • Conservative portions of the United States, political landscape, just might become upset that a game based on evolution and not creationism is being offered to impressionable young people (and adults that need to be impressed).
  • A lot of up tight parents might ban their children from playing this game and one can expect they will attempt to promote this attitude with other friends to help create a bubble of justification.
  • Education leaders just might embrace and encourage playing this game because it seems to teach, at a gut level, some basic principles of biology and evolution.
  • Some religions might work to ban this game at least amongst their card carrying followers.
  • The science community, who have seen their viewpoints eroded by the poor national educational system, conservative viewpoints, religious groups holding on to medieval doctrines, just might start playing this game in their closets.
  • This game just might get a well deserved educational award(s).

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