Game Of Dominoes

Game Of Dominoes

The supreme court decision that allegedly took the 2000 year presidential election out of the hands of the sovereign power, the people, and was wrestled away by that very body expected to protect the Constitution and in so doing took the responsibility of the fate of the country away from the people.  The unthinkable happened; the decision was made by the very judges hired to uphold the letter and intent of the Constitution.  The Constitution placed sovereign power firmly into the hands of the people.  This folly led to that putting in place a game of falling dominoes.  The past history has been a series of failures or falling dominoes, one domino hitting the next to fall the next domino next to it in a chain.  The Supreme Court put one domino on the table, that being deciding upon Bush as the ruler of the United States.  That domino began to fall when he trusted the United States into an illegitimate war.  The second domino to fall was that the war was so much an incompetent operation that the military found itself cemented in place, not able to extricate itself.

The next domino was the ruler taking steps to diminish the United States in stature by following ideology instead of seeking out unbiased analysis and devising policy according to facts.  The next domino to fall was the sovereign power, which slowly came around to understanding the ruler appointed by a group of judges had made a mistake and this person did not serve their purposes.  The next domino was the economy, which fell, but not for reasons attributable to the Republican Party but the ruling person, the falling domino was a most convenient explanation.

The 2008 election process is the fork in the road for the path of falling dominoes.  This is where the fallen dominoes will hit one or anther domino lying next in the path.  The two dominoes that are in the direct next path are called McCain and the second domino is Obama.  Let us hope that the Supreme Court does not intervene again and make the wrong domino fall.

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