Political Donors Win Lottery?

Political Donors Win Lottery?

The top list of money donors to Obama’s campaign includes a number of top universities.  Here is the list (from  opensecrets.org) in order of amount donated:

Top, first donor:  University of California:  $1,123,898
5th donor:  Harvard University:   $779,460
9th donor:  Stanford University:  $448,184
15th donor:  Columbia University:  $502,866
19th donor:  University of Chicago:  $456,209

The OpenSecrets web site prints this explanation:  “The organizations themselves did not donate, rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families.”

The total donation from these top university contributors amounts to  3,310,617.
In the Los Angeles Times (Sunday January 25, 2009, A15) it was reported (Boehner [R]) “cited plans to pump 6 billion into wealthy colleges and universities …”

Sounds like the political process might be another type of lottery.  The universities pay a bit over 3 million and get paid back over 6 billion.  With two candidates running for office, I would say the odds are 50 / 50; pretty good odds.

That’s pretty smart.  Become a really bid donor to a successful president candidacy and you can reap a stupendous reward.  Oh, I almost forgot.  We, the tax payer, actually pay this huge amount.  Oh I almost forgot.  They explain that this pay out is part of a stimulus package.  Still sounds like the lottery to me.

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