Dr. Kit Kat Food Reviews

Dr. Kit Kat Food Reviews

November 24, 2009, I get a Facebook movie review for Star Trek (2009) from Dr. Kit Kat.  But then she added a “Thanksgiving Day Bonus” existing of a review for a food item.   I guess, being a slave to the women in my life, I now will share with all of you her food reviews.  As explained in the postings for Dr. Kit Kat movie reviews, this lady has to undergo dialysis three times a week.  If you were to see her, she looks very thin.  She can not seem to gain any weight.  Food restrictions are quite extensive and are so limited that food to her takes on a most important pleasure.  When she is allowed to eat something and it tastes very good, her pleasure seems to zoom way past what we experience.  Just like movie reviews, she views food with a slightly different perspective than the rest of us.

Her first food review:  “***Thanksgiving Day Bonus***   I recently sampled Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie. I’m not an avid fan of pumpkin pie, but I enjoyed the smooth and moist consistency of TJ’s pumpkin pie. The pumpkin filling was tasty, light and with subtle essences of nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin. The crust was flakey and not overwhelmingly heavy and dry like most grocery store bought pies may be. I rate TJ’s pumpkin pie 9 (9.5 with whipped cream or ice cream).”

Dr. Kit Kat has since passed away.

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