Copy Stores Fail To See An Opportunity.

On April 18, 2019, a redacted version of the Mueller Report was released to the public. Within hours of the release, downloaded versions were available in .pdf format from a number of sources.  I personally like print.  I like to highlight and make margin notes.  I contacted my local Staples store and found out that each page would cost about 12 cents.  The report has something over 400 pages which comes out to be about $48.  Amazon shows that a book form will be out about April 30th for $9.20.   Any copy store like Staples has a brief window where they could offer to print the book at a really good price. This just might be a clever promotion to get customers into their stores, a loss leader.  Counter to that is that some right wing nuts might find this objectionable.  I tried to use Staples web site to share this view but of course they think they know every subject matter and failed to offer general open communication.

I am now printing out sections of the report using my home printer.

CAUTION:  There are some reports that the Kindle edition is flawed in some way.


Posted April 22, 2019

Muller Report Is Complete – No New Indictments – Why? – Opinion

With all the individuals around President Trump have faced criminal charges being convicted, pleaded guilty, charged/indicted, totals to 34 individuals including foreign nationals.  With this presidency being considered the most corrupt.  How is it that Muller fails to bring indictments against the president and his children?  One possibility is that Muller did find significant damning facts.   It would be rather difficult if not inappropriate for Muller to indict the president and individuals close to him.  Would it not be way more prudent for the Justice Department, to hand over the facts to congress and let that body take appropriate action?



Posted March 23, 2019

The World Happiness Report shows the US is dropping more every year.

The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be. This year’s World Happiness Report focuses on happiness and the community: how happiness has evolved over the past dozen years, with a focus on the technologies, social norms, conflicts and government policies that have driven those changes.

This year’s happiness report focuses on happiness and the community: how happiness has evolved over the past dozen years, with a focus on the technologies, social norms, conflicts and government policies that have driven those changes. Special chapters focus on generosity and prosocial behaviour, the effects of happiness on voting behavior, big data, and the happiness effects of internet use and addictions.

In 2017 the US was ranked 14th.  In 2018 the US was ranked 18th.  The United States is now ranked 19th in 2019.    The report even devotes a special chapter 5 to  The Sad State of Happiness in the United States …” (see below).

One reported factor, in this decline for the USA, is  “Overall, activities related to smartphones and digital media are linked to less happiness, and those not involving technology are linked to more happiness.”


Posted March 21, 2019

Trump’s Attacks are Allegedly About Himself.

The alleged secret to decode and understand Trump’s attacks upon others is to understand that being a nearly complete narcissist, he can only view his self and place those same self labels upon others.

Trump:Feb 20, 2019 08:49:13 AM – The New York Times reporting is false. They are a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
Meaning: Trump is “the enemy of the people”.

Just apply this example to any future attacks you read or listen to from Trump and you will better understand what is actually transpiring.

Recommended: Trump Twitter Archive

Posted: February 20, 2019

Why is President Trump shutting down the United States government?

Why is President Trump shutting down the United States government?   A possible explanation is to divert YOUR attention from his alleged crimes:

  • Allegedly using Russian help to get elected.
  • Allegedly working for Russian interests  which could be treason.

Trump has been referred to as a mob boss. It is a fact that his minions have left a rather long list of crime and despicable acts.  Here are web site lists of alleged crime boss Trump and his lieutenants activities:

If the U.S. Government shutdown is a stunt, a lot of people are suffering because of it.

Does The Shocking New York Times Article Have Another Purpose?

Was there any secret purpose to release to the New York Times the shocking story: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia? Or, was this story just the result of darn good reporters digging this stuff up? Let’s examine a couple of reasons why someone in the FBI, Muller’s investigation group or the New York court system might have informed the New York Times about the facts behind this story to the Times:

#1) Some government employee just might have secretly released the details to the New York Times, to better tie the hands of incoming Attorney General, William P. Barr who Trump seems to have picked knowing of Barr’s opposition to the Mueller’s investigation and may shut it down.

#2) Another possibility is that Mueller, might have some proof that President Trump knowingly colluded with the Russians. Someone close to that investigation would realize that selling this “fact” to the American public is not a one step process of drawing the curtain away suddenly to reveal. A way better tactic is to more slowly show the “facts” to the public. It might be way more intelligent to turn the public’s attention toward the curtain and slowly slide the reveal from under the curtain, inch by inch. The New York Times article could be the first glimpse of what is to come next.

Posted January 12, 2019

President of The United States Has No Time To Buy His Wife A Birthday Gift.

This morning I check my cell phone news and spot this.

“Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump admitted on Fox News that he’s been too busy to get a birthday gift for his wife, first lady Melania Trump, who turned 48 years old Thursday.”

I guess that makes sense from a narcissist who is too busy tweeting self aggrandizing tweets.

December 30, 2018

United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Reflects American Values.

December 19, 2018, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruling in the case of Michael Thomas Flynn, shocked most of the United States by not rendering a quick decision to give Flynn no jail time. Why was there such a disconnect between the nation’s expectations and how the judge presided?

Ever since President Trump became the leader of the United States and showed himself to seemingly act like a crime boss, there has been a slow slide downwards of expectations on the part of the American public for this administration to act honorably, responsibly, compassionately, and legally. The alleged crime boss has also taken to undermine some public institutions. The alleged crime boss fails to value research, facts and convention. He seems to show bias against minorities and women instead of representing all Americans equally. These behaviors seem to be motivated for self gain and ignorance. He uses lies, falsehoods, intimidation, and threats to put pressure on anyone who he thinks crosses him.

Here is a viewpoint.

As a result, the public may have taken on a tenor of diminished expectations toward this administration and maybe the outlook for this nation. When we expect so little, might this not also put the same shadow upon the people who work in our national institutions?

Maybe because the whole nation has lowered it’s expectations for proper political and legal action resulting from the dark pale put upon this nation by this woeful lack of proper leadership that we are shocked to experience one legal mind that still maintains the values of the Constitution and all the proper legal values growing from that document. It, thus, happened that the low expectations going into the legal proceedings, December 18, 2018, contrasted sharply with the judge’s ruling. We should commend U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan for standing up for and making legal pronouncements that support proper USA values and more importantly becoming a champion for the rule of law and for setting the past American values into their proper elevated place, and ideals that we all should be supporting.

Another interesting happening in the hearing is that the judge made the suggestion that Michael Flynn may have been a traitor. I think this may have been a decided calculation on the judges part. He may have been warning the alleged crime boss followers, family and friends that they too are treading close to being traitors or may have already done so.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, just might have decided to be a preacher, an advocate, for the US legal system and the political system to maintain its core values.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan is my hero figure for December 2018 and maybe for the year of 2018.

See The Pattern For Turning The U.S.A. From A Democracy To A Plutocracy?

The “Supreme” Court is being stacked with appointments by the oligarch loving Republican Party. “The Republican Party gets much of its money from the extremely rich who stand to benefit from drastic reduction in government regulations and taxes.”

The Federalist Society “has evolved into the de facto gatekeeper for right-of-center lawyers aspiring to government jobs and federal judgeships under Republican presidents.”

The Federalist Society who vetted these right wing “Supreme” Court justices claims to follow the original intent of the U.S. Constitution but the pattern that follows is a disregard for maintaining our former Democracy and sliding it into a plutocracy. This is because the “Supreme” Court now favors business interests over the collective interests of the people.

The Federalist Society has a long list of Supreme Court members and with it expect diminished collective rights:

  • John Glover Roberts Jr.
  • Antonin Gregory Scalia (died)
  • Samuel Anthony Alito Jr.
  • Clarence Thomas
  • Neil Gorsuch

Trumps’ first “Supreme” Court appointment: Neil Gorsuch

Alphonse Maddin was driving a trailer truck in Illinois, January 2009. The outside temperature was 14 degrees below zero. The brakes on his rig failed. He called the company to send out help. He waited in an unheated cab for hours but no help arrived. He unhitched his trailer and drove to safety. The truck company had a rule that any driver who leaves his load unattended gets fired. Mr. Maddin had a choice to make, freeze to death or lose his job. He lost his job as a result of seeking safety. He appealed his firing to the Labor Department. Six judges decided he should not be fired. The only judge who disagreed was Neil Gorsuch.

Trump’s second “Supreme” Court appointment: Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh appears to favor the interests of large corporations over the interests of the common man and women. He appears to not support the definition of democracy, the interests of the whole population over the interests of large corporations.  This fact can be found in his decision against net neutrality where he stated that net neutrality regulations were unlawful and infringes on the Internet service providers.

Notice the pattern from Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh? Both men appear to favor business interests over the common man.

Plutocracy: A plutocracy or plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

Democracy:  a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.


Posted September 26, 2018

Read the Mueller indictment against 12 Russian spies for DNC hack. (29 Pages)

It is recommended that you read the Mueller indictment against 12 Russian spies for DNC hack.  Follow the link below to view and thus read the document:

This document is considered a primary historical source which, for most of us, is rather unusual.  Typically, we read other peoples views and reports about the primary source material.  Now you get to read a primary source!

Posted July 14, 2018