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Copy Stores Fail To See An Opportunity.

Any copy store like Staples has a brief window where they could offer to print the book at a really good price. This just might be a clever promotion to get customers into their stores, a loss leader.  Continue reading

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LG V30 Cell Phone Does Work With Fitbit Ionic

I did research and found some people claiming the Ionic would properly marry with my phone. It does have GPS capability. I found a good price in a local store and purchased it. I have found it to be pretty well marriage to my phone. Continue reading

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American Stitch Alleged Flawed Product, In My Opinion

You totally miss the point. I have never had to read the care label on any casual shirt I buy. Your company is outside the norm, in my opinion. What idiotic company creates a casual shirt that requires dry cleaning? A really stupid product. Continue reading

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Does The Shocking New York Times Article Have Another Purpose?

Was there any secret purpose to release to the New York Times the shocking story: F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia? Continue reading

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Princess Cruise Booking Process Evaluation

January 3, 2019, my wife and I called Princess Cruises to book an Alaskan cruise. There were a number of complicating issues, like cancelling an prior cruise, non refundable deposit on the prior cruise, cabin location, etc. The lady who … Continue reading

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Possible Reason Why Retail Stores Do So Poorly Against The Internet

It has been long held belief that local retail stores that do poorly is partially due to stocking the wrong product. I much rather shop at a local store than on the Internet for some products, like clothing and shoes. … Continue reading

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NFL Football & Networks Fail To Meet Some Of Our Needs.

“The rules about what games local TV stations are allowed to air are crafted between the NFL and networks which carry the games (FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network). Local affiliates (i.e. FOX31 Denver) have little control in the … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Alleged Diddle

At the very end or bottom of the listed items was a military flashlight. I would love to buy it but it was sold out! I would love to go back and retake that survey because I would lower my scores of Amazon. Continue reading

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Evaluation of F.A.S.T #1155 Vest For Emergency Personnel

Impressions of the F.A.S.T #1155 vest: First let me explain why we require two radio pockets in our radio vests.  In our city, we have Community Emergency Repose Teams, called CERT, that are expected to carry a Family Radio Service … Continue reading

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