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Amazon’s Alleged Diddle

At the very end or bottom of the listed items was a military flashlight. I would love to buy it but it was sold out! I would love to go back and retake that survey because I would lower my scores of Amazon. Continue reading

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Evaluation of F.A.S.T #1155 Vest For Emergency Personnel

Impressions of the F.A.S.T #1155 vest: First let me explain why we require two radio pockets in our radio vests.  In our city, we have Community Emergency Repose Teams, called CERT, that are expected to carry a Family Radio Service … Continue reading

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Milwaukee V-Jaw Pliers That Are Way Cool To Use.

I went shopping for a small crescent wrench at Home Depot.  I found a wonderful and rather clever designed pliers that would outperform just about any small wrench I have in my tool kit.  Here is what I like about … Continue reading

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Charter Spectrum Review

Charter Spectrum has our cable TV service for our city. I have no issues with any of the people who came to our house to troubleshoot issues. I do despise this utility for their corporate business plan for the following reasons: … Continue reading

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Apple AirPods Definitely Work With LG V30 Cell Phone

I have been annoyed with my JayBird X2 Bluetooth headsets for a number of reasons. The ear pieces do not seem to fit into my ear very well.  I have to keep pushing the earbuds into position from time to … Continue reading

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US Navy To Eliminate Two Navy Combat Camera Units. Why?

Something seems rather odd with the recent decision to eliminate two US Navy combat camera units as reported at Navy Times. “The Navy will eliminate it’s two combat camera units by Oct. 1 in an effort to cut costs and … Continue reading

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Brush Cleaner For Removing Hair From Your Hair Brush.

I tried but found it difficult to clean my hair brush. I asked the lady that cuts my hair how to deal with this problem. She pulled out her special brush that is only used to clean hair brushes. I has very stiff wire like bristles. I went to my local beauty supply store and they sold me Hairart Item #8092. I works perfectly. It only took me a very short time to clean my hair brush. Strongly recommend. Continue reading

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HTA2037, 20-37″ Universal Flat Panel Stand For TV Or Monitor

My daughter came home with a small used TV/Monitor that her work was getting rid of because it was going out of business.  She only paid $25 for it.  It sat around for the longest time.  I did some research … Continue reading

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Poolman Leaf Canister Review

I purchased the Poolman Leaf Canister, model ALC30, from Home Depot January 2018. I had just had encountered a near complete swimming pool suction line blockage. I had, just days before, completed a pool sweep using the suction hose. My guess was that debris from that effort had clogged the line. I figured that I could buy an inline filter that would trap the pool debris before it entered the suction line so this would not happen again. I did not like this product mainly because the lid, to open and close the canister, was way too difficult to open and close. I found that I spent more time trying to open and close the canister than I spent sweeping the pool. Continue reading

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Sirius XM Satellite Radio

I do not trust Sirius. I wanted a proposal to be sent to me by e-mail so I would have proof of what I was told over the phone. He refused. I had to repeatedly say I want the account cancelled. I typically make a recommendation or not. I think the Sirius Radio works for some people. It may be worth your consideration. Continue reading

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